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New Year Shopping on 14-Jan-2012!!!

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SORRY!!!!! I've been extremely lazy to do anything especially blogging. Maybe because I'm not so passionate in writing the fun, although I think it's a need so I can recollect the memories in the future, which I might forget. *sweeps the web cob*
Or maybe purely because I'm too easily distracted by other things instead of write a blog in one shot.

So after a long run of exam, we planned to go hang out in town to get New Year stuffs since we're going to stay here (damn the air fare is wayyyyy too expensive).

We managed to check out a few stores only, but I got myself a pair of new shoes!!! Coz the vendor online told me the shoes I wanted is out of stock already :( Anyway it's still consider lucky for me coz I couldn't fit in some shoes in my size 38! Even 39 is still a bit small for me. FYI the shoes I bought is still my size lah...

Shoes-a-holic I am WEE!!!

NAIS ANOT?!?! I'm so freaking in love with this pair of shoes!!! But beige or grey don't look good on me so I can only take this... It's still gorgeous!!! Too bad it's the only item I got. Can't see any nice tops or pants/skirts. I've got loads of cosmetic lenses anyway

There's a few more shoes I like but doesn't look nice on me... 

We finally got into Financial Park and window shopped - and there we saw SALES on PILLOWS! I've always wanted a pillow (I still couldn't understand why I just got myself a small cushion to be slept on as a pillow when I was a newbie here...)

I nao haz a nais and comfy bed to sleep in awww ♥ ♥ ♥ Bought 2 coz I chose this instead of the one with anti dust mites and bed bugs which costs RM32 plus ahdi said her pillow lasted one sem only. Rather spend for quantity than quality already seeing that I only have one sem left hehe :p

Of course we bought other miscellaneous things like CNY snacks (which has already finish by now) and new nail polish and pencil eye liner ♥ Only we can't change the supplement with our medical coupons coz the clinic is out of forms for us to fill.
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