Friday, 20 January 2012

Sem Ended!!!

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Today we've finish our last paper!!! WEE~! First thing we do is to go to RESTOCK... Coz Cai Yi, ahdi and I are gonna stay here till we graduate! Air fare is freaking expensive weyh. Tsk tsk. Plus it's only a 5-day holiday, 没有瘾 lah... Better stay in the hostel and do FYP. (shiat...) Our first sem of final year jiu ended like this dy. O_o

My roommie go back liao eh! Can't believe I took over the room till she came back the next sem woohoo! (Trying to sleep without clothes :p)

Don't say we're not filial coz we didn't go back during CNY okie!!! It's just an excuse for people to have a reunion. If you have the heart, you shall go home whenever you can, not using CNY as an excuse. Just saying lah.

Today I'm the biggest spender! Coz I ran out of dried food. Left cocopie in my cupboard only leh... Bought somemore cheese sausages to eat with my noodles hoho ♥ But I forgot the free mug that came along with the cereal.  Nevermind, I wanted a bowl actually, not a mug.

After the restock session, we went to have satay!!! ♥ It's been quite some time already since we ate satay... Too busy gobbling it till no hands to snap photos hahaha... :p

Tomorrow I'm gonna "hibernate" for one whole day! Specially reserved for only sleep and eat ngek. And the day after this I'm gonna play games for one whole day. Then the next day I'm gonna watch all movies/drama!

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