Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Spending Day Chor 2 年初二 ~

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This morning woke up quite late because of last night's movie too... Breakfast was cocopie, I thought I'm gonna have it as my breakfast for this whole week but seems like I finish it too soon dy And my lappie was fully charged already so I turned the switch off and used the battery instead. Who knows, there's a blackout in our hostel!

It was less than an hour I woke up, and I had no internet line, no electricity, which means I can't online and Cai Yi can't cook lunch for us! Finishing the power supply from the battery, I lied on my bed doing nothing... Geez human really can't do anything without power supplies, the daily activities all involving electricity. Tsk tsk tsk. Especially internet. Sometimes I spent so much time online and communicate through the sns, I'd thought the real me is in the virtual world.

As I'm doing nothing, I called papa again, and got to know they're having breakfast with my aunt... Adui papa's phone seriously need to be changed, I can't hear people talking behind the noise. Then I felt empty. Maybe this is the feeling I'll have for not being with my family during CNY.

I tagged along Cai Yi to go to the town, since I have nothing to do at home other than just lying at there and probably fallen into sleep (could have tidy up my table but I'm comfortable with the way it is... ^^") And the whole place have no power supplies too. Not even the gas station.

We had our lunch in an Indian restaurant, and then lepak in the Financial Park. Since we don't know when the electricity will come back, we bought KFC for dinner just in case. On the way going back, Yu Jin stopped me at a durian stall so I can buy! #pukerainbow

When we're back, we have the electricity back too! Ahdi and me went to Cai Yi's house to play cards after ahdi's lunch. I've been the luckiest and I beat them hohoho~

Tonight's movie:

We agreed that its suspense is too long, climax and ending are too short. Not very nice.

Gosh how I wished this holiday will never end...
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