Monday, 23 January 2012

Steamboat on Chor 1 年初一 ~

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I slept quite late last night, causing me to wake up late this morning (afternoon, more precisely). My malay housemate left early of this morning, at around 5am, leaving me alone to 'guard' the unit. This whole day's been super quiet coz everyone should have reached home already by now.

When I checked in my cupboard for brunch, I just found out my plain dried noodles is going to finish soon Dah lah my junk food and tuna can disappeared into thin air, now I have no enough dried noodles for breakfast pulak... Had maggie mee as Cai Yi suggested. But nevermind! Coz we're gonna have nice dinner tonight WEE~

Cai Yi went out since 12.30pm and came back only at around 4pm! And we washed and prepared the food till 5pm~

Oh look! We found fishes in the squids!

It was a great dinner!

We had: seafood tofu (with cheese and without), taupok (豆腐卜), sausages, chicken breast meat, fishballs, golden/enoki mushrooms (金针菇), prawns and squids! *drools*

The two special made chilli sauce!

Three soup base: Chicken soup, Tom Yam soup, and Satay celup!!!

Later at night, Cai Yi suggested to watch movie again~ Thought it's a horror movie, but it's not horrible at all.

p.s: The authorities are doing work already, all the file sharing sites are shutting down... I say, and quoted from ahdi, they're killing the era of Web 2.0 #ohgodwhy.jpg
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