Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Resolution Review!

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Can't believe this is what I do when I'm stuck. I'm actually quite smart one ok? CALL ME SMARTASS! Babai to my Kiddie Blog btw.

Things have been progressing extremely slow.  My dad has been telling me I'm actually smart, that I can get better results if I put more effort in my studies. I never listen. Now that we need to look for internship and most of it wanted with good results (minimum CGPA 3.0 fml) so I guess it's time for me to be more hardworking!

Okie nao for the second story, I found my pants that I fit is not fit anymore, while the pants that is super loose is now FIT  so it's time to review my new year resolution already. #shitjustgotreal.jpg We just planned to go jogging every morning and cut the intake of unhealthy food. Otherwise we'll look plump during our FYP presentation. Fml I just restocked junk food. And canned food.

Well keep a healthy diet means we're gonna save money too. And if we're successful, we don't have to buy new clothes (coz the old one won't fit).

Nao who said setting a resolution is stupid?

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"When the others said you've changed, it's just because you stop living the way they used to." A chinese quote I saw somewhere, but I don't remember who said this, too lazy to google search it at this late hour also.

Quite true, I think. Human's mind change from time to time, based on what they experienced and learned, and then the way they look at things changed too. So it's impossible to say one will not change, in the long run. But of course, we are just humans, we chose the most comfortable way to protect ourselves, so we can live. One of the amazing thing is that when human couldn't change fast enough, they will learn how to adjust themselves, and when bad things happened, they will learn to push their limits beyond. So there is no right and wrong, because it's the way we chose to live, and the so called ethics/moral are just some kind of rules human set so our own rights will be protected, in a non written way.

Chey. I can be philosophical at times also what. Ahaha.

Tried to search new blogskin but too bad they come in XML file instead of HTML, I don't know how to modify the layout arrangement (also don't have much time) so this blog remains with the old skin.

Girls Life - Simple and Clean.
Sidebars kept at the left, wasted the spaces when the posts are a lot. Not balance too

Flower Girl - Pinky!
But how am I gonna change the font types? :(

She is A Lady

Emotionally down, not in the mood to talk about it. I don't have to do anything to show it and yet papa knew I'm down already. Although he doesn't know what the reason is.

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Monday, 20 February 2012

KK Trip

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Didy, Hanin, Cai Yi and me went to KK together on Saturday morning. I actually didn't really wanna go, but since I've already bought the ferry ticket, so I just went .

Then I realize I totally didn't regret for going.

I need a break! Almost half a year staying in Labuan without going home, I'm nearly died (don't know from what)! Thank goodness I didn't back out.

The air! The busyness! The CITY! OMG I was so freaking excited! We first went to the Center Point to have lunch. Center Point is sooo like Sungei Wang. Then we went to Karamunsing to buy my stupid ink cartridge. Karamunsing is sooo like Lowyat Plaza!!!

After that, we went to have a long window shopping in 1Borneo. Freakin' like 1Utama! OMG I totally miss my hometown. Tried to use ahma's book voucher in the Harris bookstore there but they're quite strict and had IC check. Cai Yi managed to spend 2 of her book vouchers only because the school stamp at the back was blur. I bought toner and moisturizer too. Hopefully I won't be "3-minute-heat" and stop using them not long after this. I had a Garnier moisturizer too but I stopped using it long time ago already because of laziness

Our next destination was Suria Sabah! It's just like Suria KLCC! (just sayin') :p We're here to watch movie ♥ Journey 2: The Mysterious Island! We watched in GSC so don't have to worry about the hygiene :p

No we didn't watch 3D

That night, we reached the hostel (yes, hostel) quite late. I opened the packaging for my toner and moisturizer because the box is so big and took up a lot of space in my bag so I threw it away. Shit me didn't check properly what's inside and Cai Yi just told me that we have a free sample mask in the package T_T

The next day we went to Warisan Merdeka coz Cai Yi need to buy planners. I bought a cute notebook there too. Damn I shouldn't buy because I'm reluctant to use cute stuffs~

Aww I miss home...
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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


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Today is my baby brother's birthday! ♥ I called back and it's the first time ever he talked so much haha~

Well since he's far and I couldn't celebrate for him, I'm just gonna wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY here~ And dear brother, no I'm not gonna buy you any flash cards coz the one I gave you two years ago were free gifts for the chocolates I bought home that semester break ngehehe.

So let's talk about THE celebration.

Ahma's birthday is actually on 18th, but because we're going to KK this weekend so we'll have to move it forward. It made a good surprise too coz she wouldn't know we're gonna celebrate her birthday EARLIER.

Since I failed my MCTS exam yesterday, I asked ahma to dinner at the beach cafe, so everyone can wish me good luck for tomorrow's retake :p

The cake I bought in the afternoon at Delihan
Happy Birthday ahma~

We met Yu Jin in the cafe and he volunteered to bring in the cake :D

Ain and Lin joined :D

We had a game that Lin loved and who lost the game will need to be punished (although no form of punishment was suggested). Ahma lost and she got a present! (Of course she got because she's the birthday girl!)

So after the "feast" we went to the ground floor of library and had drinks from the new vending machine.

Happy Birthday Ahma!
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Yesterday • Today

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Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Also known as Single-Awareness Day. I wonder how I passed the Valentine's Day years before I'm here? :x Passed just like any normal day I guess.

Anyway Valentine's Day was none of my business. Yesterday was a big day for me coz I just had to pass a test and voila! I could get a cert for the 3-week course I attend! BUT... Yeah there's a but. I failed. Passing score 700 and I just got 661. That would be like, 2 questions more to pass! A tinnie-tiny bit close one! Wtheck. A friend of mine who also failed said we might have put in too much time in finishing the course project till we have lesser time to look at the question bank. Somemore we did till so late we're not conscious enough to look at the exam question and answer correctly.

Last time I participated in a lot of paid competitions/tests I didn't expect to pass also. So this test didn't make a difference. Plus this test is subsidized one. I feel bad just because I did study before the test. And I failed. That's why. :(

Oh. And bitch just won't learn to shaddap. Whoever wants to fit yourself into your own imaginary description just feel free to do so I'm not gonna explain anything on this and don't ask me who is this.

Anyway if I were to resit for this test I have to pay. Ahdi said if I have the strength, I don't have to worry whether I have the cert anot, and if I don't, that cert would be useless too. Somemore it's not any tests, it's just merely memorizing answers. Yeah true also. Whatever effort we're trying to say, it's just the effort in memorizing. That's the sad thing about the exam system. But my sissy said I've already been through the course, did a project and I do learn something. Not a lot but at least got lah. I left the last step - finishing the test to get the cert, so why not finish it up? Those who didn't give a shit about the course and didn't listen in class (Yea I saw some play counterstrike) they passed and will have the cert. Why must I who tried so hard to learn the one who's not getting a cert? Stupid Microsoft made it the first for me. To resit for a test. Grr.

And to the Single-Awareness Day, I'm forever alone not so alone. Friends went out to have farewell party with their trainer so I'm staying home alone. I know they're still with me la but physically being alone doesn't feel good too. Especially I'm not the kind who really can stay alone one. You people keep shining la got friends to be with during this stupid day.

THANKKIU AHDI AND CAI YI coz you two being great dollies and bought me my ice cream ♥ Cai Yi I heard you told ahdi I don't eat strawberry one AWW how nice ♥

So okie enough about yesterday coz I've already made up my mind to resit the test. Now what's so great about today?


He's got a lot of "presents" already haha coz I mailed my book voucher back and they got themselves a lot of stationery so no need present already la :p Aww I love my brother. Brothers are born to protect sisters. Although I'm not in any danger or harm that need his protection yet. I love my sisters too. Oh I love my family.

Don't say I'm not because I didn't call home much. Or go home. Everyone has their own way to express their love. So put your finger away from me.
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