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Today is my baby brother's birthday! ♥ I called back and it's the first time ever he talked so much haha~

Well since he's far and I couldn't celebrate for him, I'm just gonna wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY here~ And dear brother, no I'm not gonna buy you any flash cards coz the one I gave you two years ago were free gifts for the chocolates I bought home that semester break ngehehe.

So let's talk about THE celebration.

Ahma's birthday is actually on 18th, but because we're going to KK this weekend so we'll have to move it forward. It made a good surprise too coz she wouldn't know we're gonna celebrate her birthday EARLIER.

Since I failed my MCTS exam yesterday, I asked ahma to dinner at the beach cafe, so everyone can wish me good luck for tomorrow's retake :p

The cake I bought in the afternoon at Delihan
Happy Birthday ahma~

We met Yu Jin in the cafe and he volunteered to bring in the cake :D

Ain and Lin joined :D

We had a game that Lin loved and who lost the game will need to be punished (although no form of punishment was suggested). Ahma lost and she got a present! (Of course she got because she's the birthday girl!)

So after the "feast" we went to the ground floor of library and had drinks from the new vending machine.

Happy Birthday Ahma!
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