Monday, 20 February 2012

KK Trip

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Didy, Hanin, Cai Yi and me went to KK together on Saturday morning. I actually didn't really wanna go, but since I've already bought the ferry ticket, so I just went .

Then I realize I totally didn't regret for going.

I need a break! Almost half a year staying in Labuan without going home, I'm nearly died (don't know from what)! Thank goodness I didn't back out.

The air! The busyness! The CITY! OMG I was so freaking excited! We first went to the Center Point to have lunch. Center Point is sooo like Sungei Wang. Then we went to Karamunsing to buy my stupid ink cartridge. Karamunsing is sooo like Lowyat Plaza!!!

After that, we went to have a long window shopping in 1Borneo. Freakin' like 1Utama! OMG I totally miss my hometown. Tried to use ahma's book voucher in the Harris bookstore there but they're quite strict and had IC check. Cai Yi managed to spend 2 of her book vouchers only because the school stamp at the back was blur. I bought toner and moisturizer too. Hopefully I won't be "3-minute-heat" and stop using them not long after this. I had a Garnier moisturizer too but I stopped using it long time ago already because of laziness

Our next destination was Suria Sabah! It's just like Suria KLCC! (just sayin') :p We're here to watch movie ♥ Journey 2: The Mysterious Island! We watched in GSC so don't have to worry about the hygiene :p

No we didn't watch 3D

That night, we reached the hostel (yes, hostel) quite late. I opened the packaging for my toner and moisturizer because the box is so big and took up a lot of space in my bag so I threw it away. Shit me didn't check properly what's inside and Cai Yi just told me that we have a free sample mask in the package T_T

The next day we went to Warisan Merdeka coz Cai Yi need to buy planners. I bought a cute notebook there too. Damn I shouldn't buy because I'm reluctant to use cute stuffs~

Aww I miss home...
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