Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Resolution Review!

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Can't believe this is what I do when I'm stuck. I'm actually quite smart one ok? CALL ME SMARTASS! Babai to my Kiddie Blog btw.

Things have been progressing extremely slow.  My dad has been telling me I'm actually smart, that I can get better results if I put more effort in my studies. I never listen. Now that we need to look for internship and most of it wanted with good results (minimum CGPA 3.0 fml) so I guess it's time for me to be more hardworking!

Okie nao for the second story, I found my pants that I fit is not fit anymore, while the pants that is super loose is now FIT  so it's time to review my new year resolution already. #shitjustgotreal.jpg We just planned to go jogging every morning and cut the intake of unhealthy food. Otherwise we'll look plump during our FYP presentation. Fml I just restocked junk food. And canned food.

Well keep a healthy diet means we're gonna save money too. And if we're successful, we don't have to buy new clothes (coz the old one won't fit).

Nao who said setting a resolution is stupid?

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