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Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Also known as Single-Awareness Day. I wonder how I passed the Valentine's Day years before I'm here? :x Passed just like any normal day I guess.

Anyway Valentine's Day was none of my business. Yesterday was a big day for me coz I just had to pass a test and voila! I could get a cert for the 3-week course I attend! BUT... Yeah there's a but. I failed. Passing score 700 and I just got 661. That would be like, 2 questions more to pass! A tinnie-tiny bit close one! Wtheck. A friend of mine who also failed said we might have put in too much time in finishing the course project till we have lesser time to look at the question bank. Somemore we did till so late we're not conscious enough to look at the exam question and answer correctly.

Last time I participated in a lot of paid competitions/tests I didn't expect to pass also. So this test didn't make a difference. Plus this test is subsidized one. I feel bad just because I did study before the test. And I failed. That's why. :(

Oh. And bitch just won't learn to shaddap. Whoever wants to fit yourself into your own imaginary description just feel free to do so I'm not gonna explain anything on this and don't ask me who is this.

Anyway if I were to resit for this test I have to pay. Ahdi said if I have the strength, I don't have to worry whether I have the cert anot, and if I don't, that cert would be useless too. Somemore it's not any tests, it's just merely memorizing answers. Yeah true also. Whatever effort we're trying to say, it's just the effort in memorizing. That's the sad thing about the exam system. But my sissy said I've already been through the course, did a project and I do learn something. Not a lot but at least got lah. I left the last step - finishing the test to get the cert, so why not finish it up? Those who didn't give a shit about the course and didn't listen in class (Yea I saw some play counterstrike) they passed and will have the cert. Why must I who tried so hard to learn the one who's not getting a cert? Stupid Microsoft made it the first for me. To resit for a test. Grr.

And to the Single-Awareness Day, I'm forever alone not so alone. Friends went out to have farewell party with their trainer so I'm staying home alone. I know they're still with me la but physically being alone doesn't feel good too. Especially I'm not the kind who really can stay alone one. You people keep shining la got friends to be with during this stupid day.

THANKKIU AHDI AND CAI YI coz you two being great dollies and bought me my ice cream ♥ Cai Yi I heard you told ahdi I don't eat strawberry one AWW how nice ♥

So okie enough about yesterday coz I've already made up my mind to resit the test. Now what's so great about today?


He's got a lot of "presents" already haha coz I mailed my book voucher back and they got themselves a lot of stationery so no need present already la :p Aww I love my brother. Brothers are born to protect sisters. Although I'm not in any danger or harm that need his protection yet. I love my sisters too. Oh I love my family.

Don't say I'm not because I didn't call home much. Or go home. Everyone has their own way to express their love. So put your finger away from me.
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