Sunday, 4 March 2012

APN 2012

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Jonker's Night on Thursday night, but it wasn't good enough. The starting time is stated in the coupon at 6.30pm, but we still couldn't buy what we want at 8pm. And the food was freakin' expensive. Know what's more overly? When we asked how much was the dimsum, they said RM3, and when we went back to buy, they said it's RM4! Wtheck 坐地起价?! Didn't stay till the end coz we're so angry with the whole management.

Exhibition was on 2nd. We went, but it looked like so empty, nothing much to see.

I went to this Malam Kemuncak because I want to see how good they've done after the event we did last year. Overall it's grand lah.

First performance was the Chinese instrumental orchestra by secondary school kids. I MISSED THE MOMENT I WAS IN SCHOOL BAND IN PRIMARY SCHOOL! I played trumpet back then ^_^ When I have kids in future, I'm so gonna send them to learn Chinese instrument. Especially daughters. I love guzheng!

But the performances afterwards were kinda... boring. I slipped out to look for ahma.

Pretty hor?

Gotta take a picture with her also :p
Damn my shoulders looked so broad x_x

See, one bad thing about having such event outside of a school is that we have to wait for the school bus to fetch us back. We've been waiting for like almost an hour and we're so tired when we reached home. Luckily today has no class so we can rest longer.

And damn I missed the jogging time coz I overslept x_x
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