Saturday, 28 April 2012


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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Finally... After A Year!

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Today in class our lecturer let us know the first draft of exam time table is out.

We get to finish our exam within 2 weeks!!! But a tight schedule also means we have less time to study - only one day for each subject!


Bought flight ticket with ahdi this morning - WE'RE GOING HOME ON THE 16TH OF JUNE!!!


*Insert own fireworks sound effect here*
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I am a freaking big spender wtf.

Reason: I bought shoes AGAIN!!!!!

I bought this first since I love it very very much *heart* First time I tried to buy it but the seller told me it's out of stock :( Then last week, Cai Yi told me she found a website selling the same shoes with lower price (Not very low also la just few bucks cheaper) But still!!! Take it as a birthday present lar hee ^^"

Too lazy to take a real life picture so have to find it out from the album (Gosh seeing those shoes made me have the urge to buy shoes again!!! #mustresist.jpg T_T) But anyway... It's nais, right? NAIS RIGHT???

Then I saw this is SO.FREAKING.NICE as well... *heart melted* Bwahaha it's mine nao... We can't wear the same shoes every year for our prom night, right??? And we have FYP presentation also! This black one can come in handy... I can stand in the same height with my FYP partner already (ok lah she's still a liiiiiiiiiil taller than me)

Boy they're good investment! Not only presentations or prom night but can wear during my internship also (hope my employer doesn't think I'm filthy rich by seeing those shoes)!

Okay I'm broke again wtf...
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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


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I think I watched too many horror movies till I got the "aura" dy.

First, I've lost my pendrive

Then, I lost my rubber bands

Today our school had a blood donation campaign. I've had 6-hour sleep, had breakfast and I thought I'm gonna be able to donate this time. Who knows, I failed because of low blood density. So I walked out and told ahdi "failed jor, too light".

Then here comes the horror. A junior was waiting for his turn to donate his blood, sitting patiently when he heard what I told ahdi, and say-out-loud unbelievably: Too light?!?!
Wtf!!! He thought I failed to donate blood because my weight is too light!!!!! And the confusion on his face!!! I replied immediately to his confusion: "Yes! Blood too light!" and ran away wtf. T_T (Hello! See my body size/shape also know I won't fail blood donation because of my weight laaaaa!)

Ahdi told me while she's waiting for me, a junior said she's never gonna be able to donate her blood because she's just 47kg. *roll eyes!!!* And she said she think she'll look like doraemon if her weight exceeds 50kg. *ROLL EYES!!!!!!!!!!* And the main point is, ahdi said the junior is taller than us! Walao eh. I must be resembling doraemon liao lor wtf! #stfu.jpg #gtfo.jpg

What's wrong with the juniors nowadays =="

As if I'm not suay enough, I think I twisted my left wrist two days ago while carrying the big blue RO water bottle like the one below:

== Seriously don't know how did I do that. I just updated a post I won't trouble other people if I can manage wtf. (Sorry mate... And thankkiu!) Got repayment one ok! T_T Haiz. Went to see doctor this afternoon and got my poor hand wrapped:

Paid 40bucks for this shit wtf. Hand oh hand... You better get well soon eh.

Haiz. April is not my month lar.

p.s. Was fallen asleep at 8.40pm till my dear Cai Yi sms to ask me sleep earlier. Then I couldn't sleep already. My roommie thought I couldn't sleep well because of the pain my hand caused. Ahaha ^^"
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Monday, 16 April 2012

Just a Thought

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Some one asked me for a favor to guide in developing a web site. She's in business school and is taking up E-Commerce as a minor subject.

Not trying to be arrogant or rude lar but this is what I think:

I'm not very patience so I kinda get mad inside me when she doesn't understand the terms I said (ie keep asking "what software is that" when I mentioned a programming language) wtf. Luckily she said she'll find out by herself and won't bug me to teach her from A to Z.

But being such #sociallyawkwardpenguin.jpg that I am, I don't feel comfortable having small chats with her... Screw social conventions, you can leave after you ask for my help, thankkiu very much.

p.s. And , how come my friends do not know what emoticon is this (╯°益°)╯︵┻━┻ ???

Talked to Jann the other day about this. And then we reached the topic of giving favors to friends and realized that the saying "help once and people will remember you" has changed from "remembering you as a sign of gratitude" to "remembering you the next time they face problems" wtheck. I've realized this after the period when I was kinda #foreveralone.jpg and people start popping out to ask for my favors when they're in troubles,  and then disappear again when their problems were solved. I do my very best not to ask for people's favor if I could manage it myself. Close friends are exceptional la of course.

It's a busy month! Sometimes looks can be deceiving, ya know. Usually it's calm before the storm. Wish us all the best. I'm so down sometimes I wish that tsunami will strike and sweep us all and that's the end of the misery (coz suicide is not a considerable option). Let the strong ones survive.
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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Friday Night

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Sing K session with ahdi. Freaking down and helpless, doing ONE assignment for 4 days and still not finish yet. Gotta do something to refresh our mind.

And this is basically what happened wtf:

Happened to some songs that we failed to sing properly:

Listening to the songs we sang together, my expression was like:
for my part, and
for her part.

No wonder singers can be so popular.
(NOT JB / RB that kind of singer thankkiu)

p.s: Listening to songs recorded with my sistas... Miss them girls leh :S
p.s.s: Fuck. Sem break gonna end soon and my assignments are like never gonna be complete. Wtf.
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Monday, 9 April 2012

Birthdays Nowadays...

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Celebrating My Birthday in Advance! 8/4/2012 ♥

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Since people start working / doing stuffs / travelling / etc on Monday, my birthday celebration had moved forward to this wonderful night.

This year they made it as high-profile as possible - meaning that NO surprise! So I got to choose my own cake and dressed up (or down?)!

First time ever I wore a bareback dress! Freaking insecure. @@ I shall cut the crap and let the photos do the talking.

Profile Picture of the Month!

My typical post thankkiu xD

Om nom nom~ Tartar Sauce! #sweetjesus.jpg

Only Cai Yi will use the cream to draw on my face. But since she did my hair and lent her dress to me so nevermind la :p
Ahma also got la but little bit jek haha

The usual group photo

Dafuq did I just see?

Photos courtesy from Cai Yi, Ain and Lin

Special Handmade Birthday Card from Ahma! ♥
With memes! :O

Teddy Pop Up Birthday Card! From Lin, Ain and Has.

Another Pop Up Birthday Card from Cai Yi, ahdi, ahba and Yu Jin!
Can never resist TEDDIES ♥♥♥

Thanks Cai Yi, ahdi, ahma, ahba, Lin, Ain and Has for the celebration~ Also thankkiu ahgong Juon for the car~
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Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Fool...

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Today is April Fool!

Luckily today is Sunday, so

And online chat with friends instead.

But everything still looked like April Fool prank to me wtf.


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