Monday, 9 April 2012

Celebrating My Birthday in Advance! 8/4/2012 ♥

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Since people start working / doing stuffs / travelling / etc on Monday, my birthday celebration had moved forward to this wonderful night.

This year they made it as high-profile as possible - meaning that NO surprise! So I got to choose my own cake and dressed up (or down?)!

First time ever I wore a bareback dress! Freaking insecure. @@ I shall cut the crap and let the photos do the talking.

Profile Picture of the Month!

My typical post thankkiu xD

Om nom nom~ Tartar Sauce! #sweetjesus.jpg

Only Cai Yi will use the cream to draw on my face. But since she did my hair and lent her dress to me so nevermind la :p
Ahma also got la but little bit jek haha

The usual group photo

Dafuq did I just see?

Photos courtesy from Cai Yi, Ain and Lin

Special Handmade Birthday Card from Ahma! ♥
With memes! :O

Teddy Pop Up Birthday Card! From Lin, Ain and Has.

Another Pop Up Birthday Card from Cai Yi, ahdi, ahba and Yu Jin!
Can never resist TEDDIES ♥♥♥

Thanks Cai Yi, ahdi, ahma, ahba, Lin, Ain and Has for the celebration~ Also thankkiu ahgong Juon for the car~
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