Monday, 16 April 2012

Just a Thought

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Some one asked me for a favor to guide in developing a web site. She's in business school and is taking up E-Commerce as a minor subject.

Not trying to be arrogant or rude lar but this is what I think:

I'm not very patience so I kinda get mad inside me when she doesn't understand the terms I said (ie keep asking "what software is that" when I mentioned a programming language) wtf. Luckily she said she'll find out by herself and won't bug me to teach her from A to Z.

But being such #sociallyawkwardpenguin.jpg that I am, I don't feel comfortable having small chats with her... Screw social conventions, you can leave after you ask for my help, thankkiu very much.

p.s. And , how come my friends do not know what emoticon is this (╯°益°)╯︵┻━┻ ???

Talked to Jann the other day about this. And then we reached the topic of giving favors to friends and realized that the saying "help once and people will remember you" has changed from "remembering you as a sign of gratitude" to "remembering you the next time they face problems" wtheck. I've realized this after the period when I was kinda #foreveralone.jpg and people start popping out to ask for my favors when they're in troubles,  and then disappear again when their problems were solved. I do my very best not to ask for people's favor if I could manage it myself. Close friends are exceptional la of course.

It's a busy month! Sometimes looks can be deceiving, ya know. Usually it's calm before the storm. Wish us all the best. I'm so down sometimes I wish that tsunami will strike and sweep us all and that's the end of the misery (coz suicide is not a considerable option). Let the strong ones survive.
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