Thursday, 19 April 2012


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I am a freaking big spender wtf.

Reason: I bought shoes AGAIN!!!!!

I bought this first since I love it very very much *heart* First time I tried to buy it but the seller told me it's out of stock :( Then last week, Cai Yi told me she found a website selling the same shoes with lower price (Not very low also la just few bucks cheaper) But still!!! Take it as a birthday present lar hee ^^"

Too lazy to take a real life picture so have to find it out from the album (Gosh seeing those shoes made me have the urge to buy shoes again!!! #mustresist.jpg T_T) But anyway... It's nais, right? NAIS RIGHT???

Then I saw this is SO.FREAKING.NICE as well... *heart melted* Bwahaha it's mine nao... We can't wear the same shoes every year for our prom night, right??? And we have FYP presentation also! This black one can come in handy... I can stand in the same height with my FYP partner already (ok lah she's still a liiiiiiiiiil taller than me)

Boy they're good investment! Not only presentations or prom night but can wear during my internship also (hope my employer doesn't think I'm filthy rich by seeing those shoes)!

Okay I'm broke again wtf...
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