Tuesday, 17 April 2012


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I think I watched too many horror movies till I got the "aura" dy.

First, I've lost my pendrive

Then, I lost my rubber bands

Today our school had a blood donation campaign. I've had 6-hour sleep, had breakfast and I thought I'm gonna be able to donate this time. Who knows, I failed because of low blood density. So I walked out and told ahdi "failed jor, too light".

Then here comes the horror. A junior was waiting for his turn to donate his blood, sitting patiently when he heard what I told ahdi, and say-out-loud unbelievably: Too light?!?!
Wtf!!! He thought I failed to donate blood because my weight is too light!!!!! And the confusion on his face!!! I replied immediately to his confusion: "Yes! Blood too light!" and ran away wtf. T_T (Hello! See my body size/shape also know I won't fail blood donation because of my weight laaaaa!)

Ahdi told me while she's waiting for me, a junior said she's never gonna be able to donate her blood because she's just 47kg. *roll eyes!!!* And she said she think she'll look like doraemon if her weight exceeds 50kg. *ROLL EYES!!!!!!!!!!* And the main point is, ahdi said the junior is taller than us! Walao eh. I must be resembling doraemon liao lor wtf! #stfu.jpg #gtfo.jpg

What's wrong with the juniors nowadays =="

As if I'm not suay enough, I think I twisted my left wrist two days ago while carrying the big blue RO water bottle like the one below:

== Seriously don't know how did I do that. I just updated a post I won't trouble other people if I can manage wtf. (Sorry mate... And thankkiu!) Got repayment one ok! T_T Haiz. Went to see doctor this afternoon and got my poor hand wrapped:

Paid 40bucks for this shit wtf. Hand oh hand... You better get well soon eh.

Haiz. April is not my month lar.

p.s. Was fallen asleep at 8.40pm till my dear Cai Yi sms to ask me sleep earlier. Then I couldn't sleep already. My roommie thought I couldn't sleep well because of the pain my hand caused. Ahaha ^^"
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