Saturday, 26 May 2012

End of FYP

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The efforts I put to turn my nature clock upside down in order to get my optimum performance hour has paid off!!!

Sorry that I updated this post late. I spent one whole day sleeping after the presentation... I still haven't recover from the effect of turning my schedule upside down ><

Our final presentation was on 24th and was supposed to be at 10am, but previous groups had presented longer than we thought.

Photo courtesy by Pei Jie

Seems like the lecturers liked our concept of drag and drop customization :D  although I have to say, some other groups' system is better than ours. Luckily we presented in the morning. If we were to present in the afternoon, I'm sure everything will be different.

And now, what's left to me is an out-of-shape body (coz I eat, sleep, and code in front of my laptop, thus the swelling of my body wtf ><)

Thanks to my partner who did all the non-technical tasks eg reports and poster!

First draft

Finalized copy

And the reports:

I'm thankful for those who helped in our projects :D Your good deeds will go back to you one day when you need it most. :)

Side note:
My friend heard a conversation between juniors (we guessed they're second-year juniors coz they're talking about FYP and it's about time for them to submit their proposal already). One of them asked: "What technology you'll used in your FYP?" The other one answered: "I think HTML and CSS5" And then I forgot what the other one asked again, and the reply was: "I think I'll use Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 ..."

I was like:

And this is a TRUE F**KING STORY!

This conversation is a scathing indictment of the Malaysian educational system.
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