Monday, 28 May 2012

I Dyed My Hair!

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Yes I'm very kiasu and kiasi one so when I heard my sis said she dyed her hair I thought "oh what the hell" and dyed mine too. :p

The first time I used Garnier's Auburn Brown and it had a purple-ish effect when my hair is exposed under the sunlight. (Oops I deleted the photos...) But nevermind it wasn't very obvious.

Then Cai Yi suggested me to try on Liese hair color since she wanted to dye her hair also.

She chose Platinum Beige while I chose Casis Berry.

So after our class on last Friday, we started to change our hair color!

Getting ready to change my hair color!

Liese hair color really is easy to use! See how bubbly it is!
Thanks to Cai Yi for dying my hair! ^^

Waiting for it to absorb!

Damn. Color is not obvious. Kinda disappointed :(

I'm not sure is it because my hair is indomitable enough, when Cai Yi tried to curl my hair it will straighten very soon, and now I tried to dye my hair it just won't change the color.

Last night I tried to dye my hair again, but this time Cai Yi said I looked like monkey (she's actually referring to the animal shown in the picture below) when my hair color is emerging...

Orang Utan

Ok gotta stay low now, otherwise some authorities will bring me back to the zoo. Bye!!!
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