Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day

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Lemme borrow my sis's doodle to dedicate to him:

Maybe we've been having dinner outside every weekends so it's not uncommon to eat outside with papa already. Plus the restaurants are always full house during occasions like this so we never really get to have nais dinner. Also papa always is the one who pay for the bills so it doesn't matter if we celebrate it by having dinner outside or not :p Anyway! Papa had a talk to attend to, while sanjie needed her formal clothes so we only had breakfast and dinner together. But I just came back from Labuan yesterday and it's the first day I'm with them! Great present already isn't it? ^^

Back to the doodle I shared. It has exceeded 4000 shares in Facebook! Months ago, there's a Facebook page named Wind Virtual University uploaded her doodle and removed her watermark! So f**king rude never respect the original author's intellectual property wtf. So I told her about the copyrights and it extended to a business plan!

I tell you I'm actually very pannai wan! Just not very creative wtf. I came up with the idea of H.O.M.E., but turned out it's already an existing business. And then the sandwich business but haven't try it out yet since Cai Yi said she wanted to start it. Although she's not gonna start it already la but still. Then I have this new business idea. Then some realist just pour me a super big pail of cold water.

#fliptable.jpg I tell you.
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