Saturday, 23 June 2012

First Girls Date

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... Or it was just Jann and me "hanging out with a bunch of friends who didn't show up because of work" (and colonoscopy - TBBT) wtf.

Since Jann will leave the state and undergo her internship in Penang, this is our last day to hang out... Or have a nice chat so we can update each other and say proper goodbye. Oh, since aunty Lemon keep asking me to go yam cha, he is invited too.

But! Yin said she had things to do so couldn't join us. Kuan had guests so couldn't join us too. And then aunty Lemon said he asked a lot of people to come - Suddenly it became a primary school friends gathering pulak wtf. But none of them can make it la so. Still the three of us.

And then! When we're leaving, we sent Jann to her car first. She parked her car so freaking far my leg can break after walking for such a long distance wtf coz I was wearing this pair of shoes:


Nao I felt regret to buy Cai Yi's shoes... I won't be able to balance myself because of the platform, coz I couldn't feel the ground. Dammit, dammit, dammit. Don't know when only have dinner so I can wear it. -_____-

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