Saturday, 30 June 2012

First Week of Internship

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Heard/Saw friends got close very soon with their new colleagues, I felt I really failed in my social protocols wtf #facepalm.jpg Some already get to know where their colleagues from, how much are their salaries, or pull pranks among each other or etc etc while I'm still. Wtf. Doesn't matter. Baby steps, babe. Baby steps.

Working in KL is really not easy, especially ahma and me who came from another state!!! #facepalm.jpg Ahma need to take public transports ie KTM, LRT and buses to reach the office while I have to tumpang my parents' car to and from work, which the worst part is to stuck in the traffic jam. #ohgodwhy.jpg Why must KL sucks in traffic (another #facepalm.jpg) We have to wake up really early and then go home really late. I seriously don't know how to survive when we need to work OT.

And then I gained so much weight my old clothes cannot fit on me anymore T_T so I can only wear the formal clothes I bought in Labuan. And the broken baju kurung wtf. T_____T

And finally - IT'S SATURDAY!!! My sis won a couple of movie passes and one of them is going to expire today. Too bad there weren't any movies from the production team so that movie pass is wasted. So I plan to watch "Brave" at 11am with her, but our plan was postponed coz we were overslept and kinda rush to go to the cinema to watch "Snow White and the Huntsman" at 1pm. And I thought I can wear casually when I go out with my sis. BOY I WAS SO WRONG. She dressed up wtf I had to change my t-shirt and jeans to another better-looking top.

Nais story.

Anyhow, I think I got my soul back coz due to the time constraint, I stop seeing 9gag! Second good news after the movie. Ahaha.
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Ivy K. said...

No photos of you and Lily? :(

Debbie the Teddie said...

She didn't wanna take photo leh. Not my fault. I didn't dress nicely so I don't want to take picture hahaha

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