Saturday, 16 June 2012

It's Good to be HOME!!!

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HOME reminds me of our assignment during the first year first semester which named H.O.M.E. (Hope Of Miracle to Everyone wtf) I'm still wondering whether we will start the business or not.

Anyway... I'M HOME!!!!! I didn't mention about my hair color whenever I talked to my parents (coz I'm assuming they'll know from my tagged pictures in Facebook ^^") But when mami picked me up today, she said my hair color is nais! Okie la maybe just didn't want to embarrass me in front of my friends la but at least she's not angry!!! :D Then mami said erjie dyed her hair also. Turned out my sis told mami days before I came home. ERJIE YOU'RE MY LIFE SAVIOUR!!! xD Since it's almost time to re-dye mami's hair, I'm so gonna recommend Liese Hair Color to her. ^^

Recently the weather is so hot not only the Family Mart in Labuan caught a fire, but a few places in my hometown were burnt down too. And then erjie keep nagging about the safety in KL coz the crime rate has risen alarmingly. KL is not safe all these while. But the crime rate has risen. More unsafe... Haiz. Why la those people wanna commit crime

Nevermind that first. Once I come back, EVERY freaking ONE said I'm fat dy. Then sanjie said I'm fatter, but I think she's fatter. She's heavier than me actually but you know, sometimes the weight doesn't show in the appearance.Then we're kinda like having a competition on who's heavier -__________- Oh and sanjie took over erjie's place to win movie tickets!!! And she has one movie ticket this week! YES that's the first thing I wanna do - WATCH MOVIE IN CINEMA!!!!!

Okie la that's all I'm so gonna saviour my moment at home nao ♥
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