Friday, 15 June 2012

The Last Supper

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Today is the last day we have with Cai Yi since she's going back today at 5pm. She rented the car few hours earlier so that we can haz our moments together.

Oh boy, oh boy... It's the last day we're staying in this campus already. Few hours after this I'm gonna head to the airport and go back to my lovely hometown which I have not been for almost one whole year.

F**king time passed like nobody's business. 3 years! We've been here for 3 years!

Walking down the lane of memoir:

TITAS Presentation

Went to the beach together
Hey, look! Ahdi is with us! :D

Went out together

Picture taken in class

Tiara Buffet

Went back home together during the holidays

Visited other people's house

Celebrated festivals together

Attended some useless talks

Cai Yi introduced make up to me

Celebrated my first birthday in Labuan

Masquerade Nite

In MAC Lab of our school

(Bringing this out to show you - When Cai Yi is stressed, this is what she'll do: Do my hair)

Art Festival

My First Color Lens

Went for a trip

Volunteered to help in an activity

Nagged and nagged until Cai Yi let me join under her department in APN 2011 XD

Polaroid Picture

Most unforgettable and most touching birthday celebration :D

Vampire Nite

Mock Interview

New Year Dinner

My birthday dinner (again :p)

Final Year Project (FYP)

Vintage Nite

Ever noticed that Cai Yi appeared in most of the pictures? Being the clingy person that I am, I'm stuck with Cai Yi the first time I met her. I mean, if the first coursemate I met was ahdi, I'll cling onto her definitely but here I am, with Cai Yi.

She changed my life.

She introduced make up to me so I can beautify myself.

She introduced contact lenses to me so I can go out without glasses.

She introduced online shopping so I can get nice dresses for all our prom nights. (Also made me broke because of this wtf)

I just figured out a theory from her. Every person will have their own aura. For example, person like Cai Yi has her own thoughts and opinion, strongly. She's more a leader than a follower. Therefore, I followed her like a sidekick. When I'm with Jann, I'm the big sister and I took care of her. Got me? That's why I didn't voice out my opinion because yours already legit enough. Haiya too bad! Of all the photos I took with you, I didn't take a photo with her when we parted. Dang. First time ever I didn't go back together with you, kinda not used to it eh :x

Ahdi was my 'neighbour' since we stayed in the same place before I illegally moved into campus :p She's the wittiest and wisest girl I've ever met. Sounds like I'm collecting braniac friends huh @@ Anyway the fond for her made everyone thought I'm lesbian -.- or maybe I'm actually one? I'm not sure. Bwahaha we shall see in the near future. And thank god I made her record a customized ringtone! I tell you I will not change it till the day I die xD


There it goes, the two most important person in my university life.

Oh ya forgot to talk about the few hours moment we had. Remember I won a RM200 voucher in Vintage Nite?

I used the voucher to redeem a new specs! Original price RM215, but Cai Yi managed to knocked it off for me... ♥

Give me some time to self-snap photos :p I'm a noobie in this matter.

Of course have to mention ahma la she's gonna be my colleague leh. Also big sister like Cai Yi. Not so controlling jek (blek) :p Nick comes from the nature of her that likes to take care of others. One of the origins from crazy family haha. As well as ahjie and ahba. I will not forget this 'family' we built in this university. All the jokes we cracked, all the songs we sang, all the fights we had.

Since it's the last night we're staying here, I'm staying in ahdi's house and have dinner together. See, once Cai Yi left I'm taking over her role to take care of ahdi. Cooked for her and accompanied her for the last night we're together. Hey Cai Yi, ahdi finally understood why you lao sai everytime you buy flight tickets xD coz it's really tensed when we're buying the tickets using credit cards.

Ok la that'll do. Bye bye Pumpkin Island :D
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