Saturday, 28 July 2012

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Alright I'm out of my little corner to do some updates here. Updating every Saturday makes me out of idea to put as title dy wtf. This week's been sien sien dei, doing the same routine everyday, don't know what to update already.

Hm lets see... Okay-lah, yesterday had lunch with ahba again. Sanjie had volleyball competition so she came back this afternoon instead of yesternight. And then my bro suddenly said wanted to watch The Dark Knight Rises with me! Too bad we overslept again Oh I did 20 sit ups that I promised to do for sanjie! Actually I promised to do 100 times but I didn't exercise for so long already so. T_T

Erjie updated her blog header and changed the sidebar! Suddenly think she's better in designing a website than me. Aih.

And then yesterday was so damn shit aih even though I got my paycheck dy I'm still not happy :( Makes me have the urge to have sweet cold beverages. And then the bottle of 100plus is finished before I can have a sip T_T

Then I'm still thinking when to hang out again with ahdi and ahma and ahba. And Lin with Ain with Has. One month past and I haven't get to hang out with any of them yet wtf. Fail big time.

Today Aud is getting married! Congratulations to her oh! Si ahdi said wanna 'cai cheong' and make an entrance with her self-blown balloon hahaha CO2 can't lift you up like Helium la babe lololol.

Okie I'm back to the small dark corner of mine to continue to emo kthxbai.
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