Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another Saturday

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I tell you! My favourite day is Saturday!!!!! Coz Friday is just over and Sunday is not here yet!!! Work can be put aside and we can stay up till however late we want coz Sunday is not working day!!! (Also it's a money-spending day wtf)

Today I went to watch movie with sanjie again! Using her free movie pass! This time we watched Painted Skin: The Resurrection.

I tell you (again)!!! The small-sized popcorn from TGV is wayyyyy bigger than the large-sized popcorn from GSC!!!!! I should get the picture of them and compare some day.

Kinda boring in the middle and I yawned And then I guess the boy sitting next to me removed his shoes during the movie - IT STINKS!!!!! WTF

And then hor! Last time sanjie told me her friends said The Amazing Spider-Man sucks but today she keep saying she wanted to watch that. Pfft. Woman.

After the movie, we went to Neway to sing k! Now when I'm going to graduate only I check for student's price wtf. I still think the more friends coming to sing k the merrier it is. Si ahma lor found part time job dy then ahba also not available so ahdi won't come. Erjie when will you come back! I wanna sing k with you also leh! Ahdi! I've learnt 2 new songs! Can sing with you dy the next time you come! xD

Anyway, other than movie and sing k we did walk around, sanjie got herself phone covers (Y U NO PHONE COVER FOR MY NOKIA C5!!!) and I got myself a new watch ^^

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