Saturday, 21 July 2012

Happening Week!

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It was mami's birthday last Sunday! Papa brought us to have crabs WEE ^^v

This Thursday just found out ahba worked very near to us!!! Just behind Bank of China. Ok la he's been telling me how near our working places are but being lack of sense of direction I thought he's just. Nevermind. So 择日不如撞日, we had lunch this Friday! This is to purposely let ahdi jelly wan! Hehehe ^^ Damn I missed the moment where 3 of us sit together and have dinner while watching horror movie. Ok the focus is on the 'movie' part coz I've lost my movie distributors dy so I have no new movie to watch wtf. Just kidding la I really miss you all.

And I finally went to do follow up medical check up for my irregular menses wtf.

Then this morning I went for the follow up check up the doctor told me he suspected I have PCOS wtf ok one step nearer to be like my favourite blogger Aud wtf. But he also said no point doing further investigation to know coz I can't do anything (my mom and me thought he's just wanted to finish his work asap so he didn't want to do that investigation although we really cannot do anything even if we know it's PCOS) and since my weight has something to do with irregular menses he suggested I lose weight first before going to the conclusion of having PCOS wtf. Ok one good valid reason for me to lose weight dy wtf.

And after we had our dinner, papa bought durians for us!!! OMG I SERIOUSLY LOVE SATURDAYS!!!

Oh btw today results out. I got f*king poor results for my Data Mining wtf. Damn I really should meet her for the extra exercise wtf but it's already too late to say anything aih. Or to quote ahdi "we just failed in the last stage of life where we are allowed to fail, or shorter expression: #bitchplease.jpg since I can't say 'do better next time' dy" how come she can be so wise wtf.

Ok now I'm going to a corner to loathe myself for the bad results and gaining so much weight wtf bye.
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