Thursday, 30 August 2012

Off Day

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The company I'm currently working for is so good that even trainees get to have one day of paid leave each months we're here.

So today I claimed one! :D

First and foremost, definitely is to settle the interview la. My gosh I feel like I'm f-king noob wtf and I looked like a 3-year-old showing my first graffiti when I showed my FYP to the interviewers and I am so not impressed with it now that I look back wtf. And then the interviewers said if they were to accept me I would have to master ASP.NET or C# or whatever during one month (I was so down and panic I didn't listen carefully what they said T_T). Sounds like strong competition inside and I already feel the stress before I join wtf.

I was suppose to meet my friend's sifu during their lunch hour but I have to renew my passport at Solaris Dutamas right after the interview.

So this is the queue number I got to renew my passport:

And after half an hour:

57 applicants before me!!!!! Wtf I can die in the waiting line dy. Mami finished hers faster coz she's a senior citizen now wtf mami why you so old liao T_T

And then I waited another half an hour to pay for the fees.

And then another hour to collect the passport.

Anyone who wants to apply/renew passports please go and queue earlier wtf.

So overall today is kinda gloomy grumpy day la aih the only good thing is that I don't have to work today and I'm still getting paid wtf.

Oh one thing before ending this entry, may I present:

Building high as f***, smiling and shit
Just trying to balance this emo entry :p Go buy yourself a potato if you're still unhappy with it.

I found this happy building for quite some time already but everytime also I forgot to take a picture of it ahaha ^^" Almost missed it again this morning coz I stayed up quite late last night and I kinda slept in the car. Mami woke me up and asked me to take a photo of it coz I've been telling her I want a snapshot of it ahaha I love you mami!!!!!
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Field Visit

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Yesterday our academic supervisor called ahma and asked whether he can visit us or not. We were so sleepy after lunch ahaha and we're awaken by this sudden call. Ahma kept declining the supervisor coz she "thinks" she's not decent (wtf nonsense she just looked sleepy where got indecent) and I didn't bring my report so we kept telling him it'd be better for him to come visit us this morning.

OMG I TELL YOU SIBEH GANJIONG LO ME WTF ahma somemore said wanna compete who is the prettiest wtf.

Nah you compare you compare.

Picture taken when we're waiting for the supervisor at the lobby of the company building. The answer is so obvious I don't even.

Ok la the reason we're so ganjiong is because he's gonna evaluate us and outfit is the only thing we can take control. For full marks wtf. Pity ahma she had to wear her nais expensive high heels for one whole day just to be pretty for that 15 minutes meet up with the supervisor.


Finally that's the end of it. End of university life. Wtf I missed those moments. When I was still slim T_T Ok enough. Bye.
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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Day or What?

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This entry you're reading right now is scheduled coz I need the time to finish my goddamn report wtf. It's been procrastinated since last week and I haven't get it done coz I have no freaking idea on how to start/do wtf.

So this morning ahdi was telling me a half-done project and the programming (and multimedia) experts she knew are unavailable so she passed the job to me (omfg I'm so honored!!!!!) and I get to charge for my service!!! Unlike any other times when I used to 'threaten' my friends to treat me after I helped them, I actually charge them! For REAL MONEY!!! Can anyone advice me the market price of the charges wtf I totally had no idea. But anyway this is a good opportunity to gain experience in freelance job la so. Wish me luck :D

Actually I'm suppose to finish the report today and coincidentally I have no task but what I did was just stared into the blank Microsoft Word and occasionally switched windows to my workspace pretending I'm working on something whenever someone passed by my back wtf.

And this afternoon I received a call for an interview! Damn shit la the HR asked me to go for the interview next Tuesday but I panicked and asked them to postpone it after my internship ends which is end of September wtf. Then ahdi googled about the company and found something bad wtf kinda made me chickened out a lil.

Oh btw I'm 'advertising' my service on ahdi's blog hence I'm promoting her blog here so she can haz more readers to visit her blog so that she can 'advertise' my service wtf.

Ok la enough of the crap la kthxbai.
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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Movie and Sing K Combo

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Side note: ahdi haz a blog dy!!!

Alright now time to honor my promise! Today I brought erjie and sanjie to Jusco Cheras Selatan (yea getting sien dy) for movie and sing k! Alright I know I promised movie marathon but we just couldn't adjust the time nicely and erjie didn't like sitting in the cinema for long hours so plan changed.

First, we have this:
Sing k session!

Nah nah nah no photoshop or filter or whatever editing ha now you can see how fleshy I am wtf T_____T

Here's another one:

Brunch of the day!


Erjie can sing more song than you lo ahdi... Even though she just came back from Aussie!

After singing, treat erjie chatime lu~ Not me la. I have to treat her starbucks neh :S

Nah nah nah ahdi here's the "pic or it didn't happen" how can I be dat slim you say la you say la T_____T

What's movie without popcorn?

Very surprised coz the promotion popcorn they gave is in regular size :O They used to give us small sized one. Maybe the staff is new hohoho~

The movie we watched:

Alright now that I'm back I should go to my dark corner and loathe myself again and I shall start my report wtf dragged till now also haven't have any progress T_T

*** Photos courtesy from erjie ***
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Monday, 20 August 2012

Ermahgerd Erjer Ers Berck!!!

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(translated using Ermahgerd Translator)

Okay a little updates first. After the movies on Saturday, mami came to have grocery shopping and haz dinner with us on the mall. While we're at the frozen food section, I recalled the moment we went for grocery shopping in the Pumpkin Island and I made sammich so delicious we even came up with sammich business idea wtf. Then we turned into unscrupulous merchants in our imaginary business wtf. Anyway point is I bought the ingredients to make sammich (and the reminiscence of the good ol' days). :D

Erjie came back last night and I didn't know how slim she is until I saw her in real life! Okay she's been telling me she slimmed down already (and gained back a little BUT STILL VERY SLIM OK) Omg looking at myself I don't even. T_T #fliptable.jpg

And here's the "pic or it didn't happen" for ahdi:

The Ham

The Crab Sticks

The Eggs in Tartar Sauce

With cheese yo

Forgot to buy the lettuce so. 将就一点啦. :p

Erjie brought back some clothes she bought online (and too loose to wear T_T) for us. They're all so pretty I wanted them all but when I tried I was like

The only dress that looks good on me:

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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Movie Marathon... Again!

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Damn shit I am getting more and more prodigal wtf. Where is my Luke!!!

First I was suppose to watch Mae Nak with ahdi, but it is no longer screening in TGV (KLCC is the only place convenient to both of us) so I ajak my siblings to watch The Dark Knight Rises with me before it's off the shelf too.

And then TGV haz promotion!

Even it's in small sized, it's still big!!! So freaking worth it. SORRY MATE I FORGOT TO BRING MY PHONE SO I COULDN'T REPLY TO ANY MESSAGES NOR TAKE ANY PHOTOS OF THESE wtf.

First movie:
I don't really like it. Only 2 rows of audiences in the cinema watching this movie at that time.

TGV gave the Ramadan Treat coupon upon the purchase of the movie tickets! Fuyoh so many ongoing promotions I can pokai dy wtf.

They started giving it out since July no wonder most of the vouchers are already invalid. There're 2 KFC discount vouchers we used it immediately for lunch during the one hour gap of first movie and second movie.

This is funnier :D

And the highlight of the day:
OMG I LIKE ANNE HATHAWAY SHE'S LIKE THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE MOVIE WTF. And poor Bane did he just get friendzoned??? Coz he had to die with Batman at the end leh.

Seems like I'm trying to compensate all the movie time I've missed for the past 3 years that I think I went a bit overmuch on watching movies on Saturday I feel like my mom is going to ground me wtf. #okay.jpg

p.s: Erjie is coming back tomorrow!!! And we'll have another round of movie marathon! (oops shit no jinx please wtf)
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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Papa's Birthday at Genting Highlands!

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Genting gave papa and mami a free room each as their birthday present, so they booked 2 rooms on papa's birthday!

So sanjie suggested that I stay at her place overnight on Friday so the next day we can hang out in Festival City and haz Happy Ricebox and then papa can fetch us on the way to Genting.

Her roommate was still sleeping hence the darkness ^^"

Then we took taxi to Festival City! At first sanjie suggested to go at 10.30am but then ALL shops including the cinema will only open at 11am -_- so we went to Baskin Robin to lepak.

Never too early/cold for an ice cream! ♥

At first I wanted to have my usual ice cream flavour - chocolate, but then sanjie said it's kinda boring so I took Cotton Candy and she picked Mango Maniac. Turned out it's nice! :D

After we've finish the ice cream we went to have breakfast at ShihLin Taiwan Street Snacks for the Happy Ricebox she's been so eager to bring me there.

Happy Ricebox and Extra Large Chicken Chop!

See how happy I was with the ricebox wtf. It was just white rice with chicken chop and tofu. I don't know why sanjie likes it. Ok lah it was not bad la.

After we've finished our breakfast, we still have 2 hours to 1.30pm so we decided to watch a 2-hour movie to pass our time. It's the first time we watch movie in MBO rather than the usual GSC and TGV, and this is what we picked!

This movie was actually ok until I saw this girl:

What is that I don't even.

Papa called in the middle of the movie I thought he's arrived to pick us already wtf. Turned out he's just informing us to have lunch first coz they're having lunch.

After the movie has ended, all of the audiences went out of the cinema. But the exit is locked up!!! We're like walking to and forth to find an exit and at the end we went back into the cinema hall and went out from where we came in wtf. I think ALL of us watch movie in MBO for the first time -_-

Since papa hasn't call us, we went to buy drinks from Chatime and do some window shopping. And I bought a pair of formal shoes wtf. Shit I think my Becky's side had emerged wtf coz I bought 5 pairs of contact lens again (I still have 7 pairs unopened wtf) it's Fynale ok! Cai Yi said it's comfortable and it's expensive! Now it's 10bucks a pair and free postage for 5 pairs so it's a very good bargain!!! Ok if one day I'm blind I really shouldn't be sympathized on wtf CHOI *touchwood*. I really should control myself on weekends coz I tend to spend money so much wtf.

Mami bought a cake for papa, we immediately opened it once we checked in to our room.

Dadday Love Us

Lololol... I wonder is it the shopkeeper doesn't know how to spell "Daddy", coz it looks like "Dadday" to me wtf. (Or actually mami was trying to spell 'Dad day: Love, us'?)

Papa was napping from the tiredness of driving but KitKit wanted to eat the cake so much we woke papa so we can sing birthday song and he can cut the cake lol. The matches mami brought cannot be used so we leave the candles unlit wtf we asked papa to pretend the candles are lit then papa also played along and blew the candles lololol (Aww father's love ♥).

Then sanjie and me camwhore a bit while waiting for papa to recharge and went to have dinner.

Nah I have do my best to change my expression. Sanjie was trying to ask for more and this is what I gave her:


I think I'm better in 'Forever Alone' lol coz my head is big but I have my family there! So no forever alone hee.

Then we realized KitKit was so pitiful coz no one wanna play with him, we decided to play card games.

He's so excited when we said we wanna play card game with him. See he even pose like the king of gambling (赌神) and shuffled the card #likeaboss.jpg for us.

Since papa and mami redeemed their complimentary gifts from Genting, not only they have one room each, they have 2 complimentary tickets to the show by FREEZE. And since papa and mami weren't interested in the show, they let sanjie and me to watch!

When we entered the hall, they took our picture first. I wasn't ready and I was like 囧 wtf. Sanjie didn't even wanna look at the picture after the show ends.

The magic show was ok ok la just that they performed it on ice. And the whole show was half figure-skating performance and half magic show. I'd prefer magic show lor :p

Our hotel room was in First World Hotel and I hate the escalator from Resort World to First World coz it's so steep and the advertisement board at the side was tilted it made me feel like I will fall at anytime wtf.

This morning everyone woke up late. I tell you! Everytime we went to Genting, no one knows the exact time. Unless we have a watch. So we're all too cozy to leave the bed. Until papa said we need to check out at 12pm then only we got up one by one lol.

And then we had Baskin Robin again after our brunch!!! ♥ Awesome or not you tell me! Free room and free show and haz ice cream somemore! Ahdi asked me to bring souvenir and I planned to give her Genting's air in bottle lol coz I didn't play arcade games so I don't have gifts for her. Then she told me to keep the air from Genting in the bottle for her lol!!! What kind of friend is this to teach her friend such lame idea to prepare a lame present! And it happened to be the same idea as what I thought!!! Ok I'm going to improvise a little bit with the idea - Tap water from Genting!!! Special or not! Better than air! Can boil and drink! xD Ok la think about it also I feel lame dy so I didn't bring anything back la. :p

Next week erjie is coming back!!! Sunday night!!! WEE~ ♥ Too bad she doesn't like to sit still in a room for long hours so our movie marathon will only include 2 movies (we picked Step Up Revolution and Bourne Legacy, hopefully the cinemas are still screening them la).
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Sunday, 5 August 2012

First Meet Up!!!

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The very first one after we're back from the small little Pumpkin Island!!! When we met, we screamed and hugged coz we missed each other so so so much till we shed tears!!! Ok shed tears is additional coz wanna add some drama hee :p

But very sorry to ahba coz he couldn't join. Nevermind la ahdi wanna eat snowflakes ma next time we hang out together and haz snowflakes together la ok?

Too bad we didn't manage to take a group photo coz mami wanna go home dy (she went to Jusco for grocery shopping). I tell you, ahdi is the only person in the whole world who will say I'm not fat even when I couldn't fit into my old clothes and my own biological mother asked me not to eat so much wtf. And when my sis said: my dress doesn't match with my belt and my belt doesn't match with my shoes and my shoes doesn't match with my bag and my bag doesn't match with my dress and my make up (technically only eye liner ok) doesn't match with the whole outfit wtf ahdi is the only person who said I'm pretty. I think it's just the dim light that makes her think I'm pretty lol coz k-box is usually very dim ma.

Then when I reached home, I played card game with bro ^^ Actually I've been learning for quite some time dy coz I always see him playing with himself so I thought if I learned I probably can play with him ^^ And he build a deck of card for me!

It's the Naturia ♥ Very cute stuffs.

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Movie Marathon!!!

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This weekdays have nothing special except we've got our own company mug!

And finally it's weekend! I've been wanting to do this for a very long time!!! And I achieved it with my brother and sister!!! Ok la ever since I got my first pay I haven't been bringing them for any treats so today I just brought them along lor ^^

I'm too ugly to be in a picture wtf so my sis helped. 3 movies in a row from morning 11am till evening 5.30pm! I actually wanted to watch The Dark Knight Rises so we can make it 4 movies in a row but then papa went to work and mami is alone at home yo so better be home earlier la.

First movie we watched - The Four. Thought it'll be nice, but the characters inside play mind-control (意念) waa!!! Wtf. Western magics (西域奇术) somemore wtf. Leng LingQi was drugged and he will transform into a wolf when he's angry and he likes WuQing wtf and and WuQing can see through people's thoughts wtf Twilight's Jacob and Bella meh :x

Second movie - Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. What surprised me is that Kunal Nayyar, the one who stars as Rajesh Koothrappali in sitcom The Big Bang Theory voices Gupta the pirate skunk in the picture! Ish made me wanna watch the scenes where the skunk appears coz I wanna check if he has the Indian accent lololol. And Nicki Minaj voices Steffie the mammoth wtf. Oh I remember one scene when the animals need to go to the land bridge and a cute little... chicken or whatever-kind-of-bird-it-is asked Ellie whether the water will taste like bugers or not when they drink with their trunk lololololol good question!!!

It's at 0:42.

Third movie - The Amazing Spider Man. Actually it's not very bad also ma :) But 'cicakman' is really...

I have to say it's the BEST SATURDAY I ever had!
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