Monday, 20 August 2012

Ermahgerd Erjer Ers Berck!!!

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Okay a little updates first. After the movies on Saturday, mami came to have grocery shopping and haz dinner with us on the mall. While we're at the frozen food section, I recalled the moment we went for grocery shopping in the Pumpkin Island and I made sammich so delicious we even came up with sammich business idea wtf. Then we turned into unscrupulous merchants in our imaginary business wtf. Anyway point is I bought the ingredients to make sammich (and the reminiscence of the good ol' days). :D

Erjie came back last night and I didn't know how slim she is until I saw her in real life! Okay she's been telling me she slimmed down already (and gained back a little BUT STILL VERY SLIM OK) Omg looking at myself I don't even. T_T #fliptable.jpg

And here's the "pic or it didn't happen" for ahdi:

The Ham

The Crab Sticks

The Eggs in Tartar Sauce

With cheese yo

Forgot to buy the lettuce so. 将就一点啦. :p

Erjie brought back some clothes she bought online (and too loose to wear T_T) for us. They're all so pretty I wanted them all but when I tried I was like

The only dress that looks good on me:

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