Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Field Visit

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Yesterday our academic supervisor called ahma and asked whether he can visit us or not. We were so sleepy after lunch ahaha and we're awaken by this sudden call. Ahma kept declining the supervisor coz she "thinks" she's not decent (wtf nonsense she just looked sleepy where got indecent) and I didn't bring my report so we kept telling him it'd be better for him to come visit us this morning.

OMG I TELL YOU SIBEH GANJIONG LO ME WTF ahma somemore said wanna compete who is the prettiest wtf.

Nah you compare you compare.

Picture taken when we're waiting for the supervisor at the lobby of the company building. The answer is so obvious I don't even.

Ok la the reason we're so ganjiong is because he's gonna evaluate us and outfit is the only thing we can take control. For full marks wtf. Pity ahma she had to wear her nais expensive high heels for one whole day just to be pretty for that 15 minutes meet up with the supervisor.


Finally that's the end of it. End of university life. Wtf I missed those moments. When I was still slim T_T Ok enough. Bye.
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