Sunday, 5 August 2012

First Meet Up!!!

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The very first one after we're back from the small little Pumpkin Island!!! When we met, we screamed and hugged coz we missed each other so so so much till we shed tears!!! Ok shed tears is additional coz wanna add some drama hee :p

But very sorry to ahba coz he couldn't join. Nevermind la ahdi wanna eat snowflakes ma next time we hang out together and haz snowflakes together la ok?

Too bad we didn't manage to take a group photo coz mami wanna go home dy (she went to Jusco for grocery shopping). I tell you, ahdi is the only person in the whole world who will say I'm not fat even when I couldn't fit into my old clothes and my own biological mother asked me not to eat so much wtf. And when my sis said: my dress doesn't match with my belt and my belt doesn't match with my shoes and my shoes doesn't match with my bag and my bag doesn't match with my dress and my make up (technically only eye liner ok) doesn't match with the whole outfit wtf ahdi is the only person who said I'm pretty. I think it's just the dim light that makes her think I'm pretty lol coz k-box is usually very dim ma.

Then when I reached home, I played card game with bro ^^ Actually I've been learning for quite some time dy coz I always see him playing with himself so I thought if I learned I probably can play with him ^^ And he build a deck of card for me!

It's the Naturia ♥ Very cute stuffs.

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