Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Movie and Sing K Combo

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Side note: ahdi haz a blog dy!!!

Alright now time to honor my promise! Today I brought erjie and sanjie to Jusco Cheras Selatan (yea getting sien dy) for movie and sing k! Alright I know I promised movie marathon but we just couldn't adjust the time nicely and erjie didn't like sitting in the cinema for long hours so plan changed.

First, we have this:
Sing k session!

Nah nah nah no photoshop or filter or whatever editing ha now you can see how fleshy I am wtf T_____T

Here's another one:

Brunch of the day!


Erjie can sing more song than you lo ahdi... Even though she just came back from Aussie!

After singing, treat erjie chatime lu~ Not me la. I have to treat her starbucks neh :S

Nah nah nah ahdi here's the "pic or it didn't happen" how can I be dat slim you say la you say la T_____T

What's movie without popcorn?

Very surprised coz the promotion popcorn they gave is in regular size :O They used to give us small sized one. Maybe the staff is new hohoho~

The movie we watched:

Alright now that I'm back I should go to my dark corner and loathe myself again and I shall start my report wtf dragged till now also haven't have any progress T_T

*** Photos courtesy from erjie ***
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