Saturday, 18 August 2012

Movie Marathon... Again!

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Damn shit I am getting more and more prodigal wtf. Where is my Luke!!!

First I was suppose to watch Mae Nak with ahdi, but it is no longer screening in TGV (KLCC is the only place convenient to both of us) so I ajak my siblings to watch The Dark Knight Rises with me before it's off the shelf too.

And then TGV haz promotion!

Even it's in small sized, it's still big!!! So freaking worth it. SORRY MATE I FORGOT TO BRING MY PHONE SO I COULDN'T REPLY TO ANY MESSAGES NOR TAKE ANY PHOTOS OF THESE wtf.

First movie:
I don't really like it. Only 2 rows of audiences in the cinema watching this movie at that time.

TGV gave the Ramadan Treat coupon upon the purchase of the movie tickets! Fuyoh so many ongoing promotions I can pokai dy wtf.

They started giving it out since July no wonder most of the vouchers are already invalid. There're 2 KFC discount vouchers we used it immediately for lunch during the one hour gap of first movie and second movie.

This is funnier :D

And the highlight of the day:
OMG I LIKE ANNE HATHAWAY SHE'S LIKE THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE MOVIE WTF. And poor Bane did he just get friendzoned??? Coz he had to die with Batman at the end leh.

Seems like I'm trying to compensate all the movie time I've missed for the past 3 years that I think I went a bit overmuch on watching movies on Saturday I feel like my mom is going to ground me wtf. #okay.jpg

p.s: Erjie is coming back tomorrow!!! And we'll have another round of movie marathon! (oops shit no jinx please wtf)
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