Saturday, 4 August 2012

Movie Marathon!!!

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This weekdays have nothing special except we've got our own company mug!

And finally it's weekend! I've been wanting to do this for a very long time!!! And I achieved it with my brother and sister!!! Ok la ever since I got my first pay I haven't been bringing them for any treats so today I just brought them along lor ^^

I'm too ugly to be in a picture wtf so my sis helped. 3 movies in a row from morning 11am till evening 5.30pm! I actually wanted to watch The Dark Knight Rises so we can make it 4 movies in a row but then papa went to work and mami is alone at home yo so better be home earlier la.

First movie we watched - The Four. Thought it'll be nice, but the characters inside play mind-control (意念) waa!!! Wtf. Western magics (西域奇术) somemore wtf. Leng LingQi was drugged and he will transform into a wolf when he's angry and he likes WuQing wtf and and WuQing can see through people's thoughts wtf Twilight's Jacob and Bella meh :x

Second movie - Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. What surprised me is that Kunal Nayyar, the one who stars as Rajesh Koothrappali in sitcom The Big Bang Theory voices Gupta the pirate skunk in the picture! Ish made me wanna watch the scenes where the skunk appears coz I wanna check if he has the Indian accent lololol. And Nicki Minaj voices Steffie the mammoth wtf. Oh I remember one scene when the animals need to go to the land bridge and a cute little... chicken or whatever-kind-of-bird-it-is asked Ellie whether the water will taste like bugers or not when they drink with their trunk lololololol good question!!!

It's at 0:42.

Third movie - The Amazing Spider Man. Actually it's not very bad also ma :) But 'cicakman' is really...

I have to say it's the BEST SATURDAY I ever had!
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