Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Day or What?

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This entry you're reading right now is scheduled coz I need the time to finish my goddamn report wtf. It's been procrastinated since last week and I haven't get it done coz I have no freaking idea on how to start/do wtf.

So this morning ahdi was telling me a half-done project and the programming (and multimedia) experts she knew are unavailable so she passed the job to me (omfg I'm so honored!!!!!) and I get to charge for my service!!! Unlike any other times when I used to 'threaten' my friends to treat me after I helped them, I actually charge them! For REAL MONEY!!! Can anyone advice me the market price of the charges wtf I totally had no idea. But anyway this is a good opportunity to gain experience in freelance job la so. Wish me luck :D

Actually I'm suppose to finish the report today and coincidentally I have no task but what I did was just stared into the blank Microsoft Word and occasionally switched windows to my workspace pretending I'm working on something whenever someone passed by my back wtf.

And this afternoon I received a call for an interview! Damn shit la the HR asked me to go for the interview next Tuesday but I panicked and asked them to postpone it after my internship ends which is end of September wtf. Then ahdi googled about the company and found something bad wtf kinda made me chickened out a lil.

Oh btw I'm 'advertising' my service on ahdi's blog hence I'm promoting her blog here so she can haz more readers to visit her blog so that she can 'advertise' my service wtf.

Ok la enough of the crap la kthxbai.
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