Thursday, 30 August 2012

Off Day

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The company I'm currently working for is so good that even trainees get to have one day of paid leave each months we're here.

So today I claimed one! :D

First and foremost, definitely is to settle the interview la. My gosh I feel like I'm f-king noob wtf and I looked like a 3-year-old showing my first graffiti when I showed my FYP to the interviewers and I am so not impressed with it now that I look back wtf. And then the interviewers said if they were to accept me I would have to master ASP.NET or C# or whatever during one month (I was so down and panic I didn't listen carefully what they said T_T). Sounds like strong competition inside and I already feel the stress before I join wtf.

I was suppose to meet my friend's sifu during their lunch hour but I have to renew my passport at Solaris Dutamas right after the interview.

So this is the queue number I got to renew my passport:

And after half an hour:

57 applicants before me!!!!! Wtf I can die in the waiting line dy. Mami finished hers faster coz she's a senior citizen now wtf mami why you so old liao T_T

And then I waited another half an hour to pay for the fees.

And then another hour to collect the passport.

Anyone who wants to apply/renew passports please go and queue earlier wtf.

So overall today is kinda gloomy grumpy day la aih the only good thing is that I don't have to work today and I'm still getting paid wtf.

Oh one thing before ending this entry, may I present:

Building high as f***, smiling and shit
Just trying to balance this emo entry :p Go buy yourself a potato if you're still unhappy with it.

I found this happy building for quite some time already but everytime also I forgot to take a picture of it ahaha ^^" Almost missed it again this morning coz I stayed up quite late last night and I kinda slept in the car. Mami woke me up and asked me to take a photo of it coz I've been telling her I want a snapshot of it ahaha I love you mami!!!!!
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