Sunday, 30 September 2012

Happy Mid Autumn Festival~

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Sanjie received 4 complimentary movie passes again.


Sigh. I always have no luck in contests T_T


Today I went to sing k with erjie at IOI mall coz she wanted to buy dumbbells. 2 hours only for less than 4 persons.

Hmph!!! Other places can sing at least 3 hours lo eventhough only 2 persons. But they have buffet lunch and they extended one hour for us so fine lo.

Can't believe my holiday ended like this and tomorrow I need to start working already (as well as my work out) I WILL MISS YOU A LOT, DELICIOUS FOOD T_T

Happy Mooncake Festival cuppycakes.
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Outings with Jimuis!

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In case you thought I curi-curi stopped eating, this post is ALL ABOUT ME EATING.

Actually I ate also what in the previous post.


Wednesday (26th) afternoon, Jann asked me out for lunch. So I brought erjie along coz I don't want her to die starving at home alone lol. Kuan didn't follow coz she already had lunch WHYYYYY!!!

We had pan mee near 3K stadium.

And we experienced a life-and-death moment wtf.

Kuan said wanna haz steamboat. And we went to Bar-B-Q Plaza in The Mines to haz barbeque. Erjie didn't follow coz she scared die HAHAHAHAHA just kidding.

Mini mooncakes Kuan gave, from China ♥

# # # One Eternity of Life-and-Death Moment wtf # # #

And we finally reached The Mines safe and sound.

Their garlic rice is so nice I had second servings. But the staffs're not very attentive lo.

And another life-and-death moment PLEASE TREASURE THE MOMENT I'M HERE wtf.

At first I thought we're gonna sing k this night coz Yin is finally free to hang out!

BUT she failed us again.

Kuan was sick I also don't know why she so weak :(

Then papa and mami won't be around no one will be sending me so can't go anywhere also.

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Horror Stories

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People who know me well, will know I like to watch horror movies, listen to horror stories, and even search for horror stories to read online.

After reading ahdi's entry I feel like wanna share one too. Based on true story.

People who haz weak heart please don't read yo. You should already stop reading from what the title had suggests.

And please don't shoot me for being a stooge wtf.


Have you heard of the kid-ghost in the dorm?

Doesn't matter I'll narrate it.

There was a dorm with 4 occupants with a cupboard for each of them. It was said that the cupboards were just half the height of the room. So one day, one of the occupants was still awake in the middle of the night. That occupant saw a kid sitting on a cupboard and he/she was afraid so she pretended to have fallen asleep. And so the kid starts counting: 一个睡着了,两个睡着了,三个睡着了,还有一个还没睡 (One has fallen asleep, two has fallen asleep, three has fallen asleep, and one is pretending to sleep)

Now imagine you're the one who's not asleep yet.

You're welcome.

And here comes my dorm story.

So it happened at one peaceful night in 2 years ago in a far away land wtf when Cai Yi and me were roommates. In the middle of one night, Cai Yi decided it was a boring night that she was slightly awake (not sure if she's really slightly awake or just in a dream) and she saw a kid-sized sadako standing at the end of my bed watching me in my sleep wtf. And she just turned around and continue her sleep. Not sure if CY's afraid to do anything or just brave enough to ignore it wtf.

Good gracious I have goosebumps all over me everytime I visualize about it wtf. You're welcome.

As I have mentioned at the beginning of the entry, I would like to know more horror stories! Please share if you have some scary horror story to tell. :D

Oh wait there's more! Scroll and be prepared to be scared!











It's one of my favourite profile picture but I was forced to take it down coz otherwise people will unfriend me T_T

I hope I won't get karma from it wtf I don't wish to see any of them even though I like their stories very much. Oh wtf it's this late night somemore I better go to bed la kthxbye.
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Friday, 28 September 2012

Special Movie Screening 25/9/2012

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This is quite random.

Erjie won a contest by MYC. How? She's the FIRST one to comment on the status!!!!! What kind of sorcery is this!!! I tell you, she definitely has saved one village of people in her past life to deserve all these prizes wtf. She hardly pay to watch movies in cinemas ok. Sometimes even special/premiere screening wtf. HOW CAN LIFE BE SO UNFAIR!!!!! T_T

Doesn't matter coz I get to tag along BWAHAHA.

Since erjie haz her own business to settle so we went to her school in the afternoon and after that we went to Sungei Wang to SING K

Touch screen menu! But I still have to say Greenbox in Jusco Cheras Selatan is waaaaaay better.

Then we went to Tropicana City Mall after going home and relax a bit. Had our dinner in Pasta Zanmai.

Ok la this time we ordered pasta and sushi in this Japanese pasta restaurant. #mainstream :p

The tickets erjie won was from MYC and they're late

Sibeh bah bai lo need to deposit all the recording devices including handphones and we need to be scanned like passing the airport security wtf then have to check handbag somemore.

Then it's not like the seats are super good seats with extra services like blankets provided.
Second row from the screen ok. So difficult to watch.

Luckily the movie is not bad.
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ACT Day 7 & 8: 22 & 23/9/2012

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So it's almost the end of our trip :(

I will miss you, Perth.

We went to return the car in the morning, took a bus and went to the Fremantle's market.

This is where they rent the car


We're suppose to have breakfast here but they weren't open until 11am so we went to another shop instead.

Fun Fact: The Burger King we have is their Hungry Jack's!

Erjie said their ramen is nais oh

But it was full house so we had to wait awhile


Erjie made me a victim of sweet food lol


Finally haz a seat!

I forgot what we ordered dy lol

Erjie's beloved's one super big bowl

The "organic doughnuts"
Coz they used organic oil to deep fry it

So yeah, that's all for the Fremantle's market.

Next we're going to the harbour!

Dead turtle... o.O

It's super cold and windy!!!

Oh btw I saw the birds!!! Flying so hard oppose to the wind and be blown to the other side HAHAHAHAHA so funny.

It was 11am so we didn't have the chance to see the cannon fires.

Malacca also have a few!

After the beach, it's the museum!

Just some ship-and-sea stuffs.

Then erjie brought us to eat ice cream!!!!! As if it's not cold enough with the weather lol.

Feel like wanna eat this and this and this...

Mami was so sleepy she felt asleep while we're eating ice creams. Then we joked that what will mami do if we leave quietly lol. Mami said she can sing at the roadside to earn a few pennies lololol why mami so cute one ah hahaha.

So mami cooked bak kut teh for dinner!!! ^_^

And we had to pack our clothes dy coz we're going back the next day :(

We spent the whole morning packing our clothes. Then went to the airport at 2pm. 5-hour flight later, we're home.

And Malaysia is damn hot wtf.
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