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ACT Day 1: 16/9/2012

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This is it!!! The day I went to visit the homeland of kangaroos and koala bears!!! ^_^

The Australia Convo Trip!

We woke up at 5am, washed up and prepared and left the house at 6am, reached the airport at 7am+, haz nasi lemak as our breakfast, and off we went!

While Aud had this incident (#incident2) that a Dangerous Idiot with Trolley dragged a trolley over her foot and ripped one of her toenails off, I happened to be one of that Idiot wtf T_T I was standing behind mami and erjie while pushing a trolley, and mami scratched her heel over the trolley coz the trolley was behind her. Super sorry ok!!! T_T Please don't let me go near a trolley anymore thankkiu wtf.

Taking the aerotrain

In the waiting hall!

In the plane:

They provided blankets, pillows and earphones!!! How nice!!!

Erjie said MAS is better than AA coz with the same amount of ticket fares, we haz free 20kg of luggage per person, free meal and cozy space! Unlike AA which we need to buy luggage and meal separately and the space is so small I don't even.

And then she said this MAS's economic class is like AA's premium class.

Shit my dark circles and the eye bags. I looked like I didn't sleep for days coz I was excited for this trip lololol.

Breakfast-in-plane time!

This is as if the universe is telling me to stop drinking sweet drinks

Double aluminium foil cover wtf

After breakfast, I tried watching the Dark Shadows in the plane but I was too sleepy - 5 hour flight leh dai lou what do you expect? So I listened to musics instead.

And while I was dozing off, I heard the stewardess was distributing something - ICE CREAM!!!

Somemore is Magnum!!!

I feel like I'm in heaven. *CHOI* I'm like few thousands feet above ground leh wtf.

They're distributing peanut biscuits after an hour I think but I was napping (again ^^") so I didn't take.

Australian custom is very strict leh I tried to keep the Toblerone mami and erjie gave but we're required to declare all food we brought so I gobbled all down :(

At first erjie planned to bring us to eat Malaysian food but since we had nasi lemak twice (breakfast and the plane meal) she changed the plan and we ordered fried rice delivered to the hostel instead.

I know people will start saying "why eat Malaysian food when you're NOT in Malaysia?!" WELL YOU TELL ME WHAT IS AUSTRALIAN FOOD. DON'T SAY 'BURGERS AND STEAKS' COZ THAT'S AMERICAN FOOD. Wtf. Jackie said they've kena a lot already coz they had Malaysian food wtf. Anyway they've got Australian-style nasi lemak what.

Oh before I end the post:

That's all for Day 1! Stay tune for ACT Day 2 yo!
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