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ACT Day 2: 17/9/2012

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It's a great morning!

Nothing much today coz we will see kangaroos and koala bears on Friday. And mami didn't wanna visit the prison and she cannot drink wine so we won't be going to the winery as well. zzz

While waiting to have breakfast, mami went to have a look around the house
They're provided with fridge in their hostel leh!!!!! WHY HOSTELS IN MALAYSIA DON'T HAVE FRIDGE!!!!!

Views from the veranda

Then we went to McD to have breakfast.

Their McD don't have free sauce and refill de leh coz the people here preferred it just like that. And then haz to clean up the tables by ourselves.

Since we haz no money to dine in everyday, we went for grocery shopping to buy ingredients to cook.

Coles Supermarket

Mami was very amazed by the clean vegetables they have in the supermarket
Big and clean right!!!

Erjie said students can even push the trolley to the hostel and put it at a special place after used and the staffs will collect them.

Service super good lo!!!

In the afternoon, Jackie and erjie wanted to go to gym so we're supposed to rest, but erjie's pass is expired so she brought us around the neighbourhood instead.

You see you see!!! Got swimming pool somemore!!!!!

Erjie's University

It was so windy I couldn't keep my hair in place :x And I kept searching for the birds coz erjie said sometimes the wind is so strong, when the birds tried to fly oppose to the wind, they will be blown to the other side hahaha sounds very funny.

But I couldn't found one I think they all hide away from me :(

This is where the retirees live

Erjie used to stay in one of the houses.

Australians don't fence their house. If you see fenced house, it was Asians.


# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Btw, when we're not going out, this is what we play:

Mahjong game coz we're trying to set the highest score to get the prize bwahaha.

That's all for Day 2! Day 3 coming up next yo!
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