Wednesday, 26 September 2012

ACT Day 4: 19/9/2012

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Today erjie had to take her mortar board and regalia!

It's erjie's big day today and tomorrow so there'll be less picture of us and more picture of her.

On the way to collect her regalia:

Bush Court
Exactly what I expect to see in a university.

Our seat tickets!
My photography skills is improving ok please bear with the lower quality ones first ^^"

Erjie in her mortar board
Note: A mortar board is the square academic cap a graduand wear during their convocation.

Mami is helping erjie with her regalia
Note: A regalia is the robe a graduand wear during their convocation.

In full suit!
Ready to take shots!!!

I looked like Professor Owl wtf.


More photos please check erjie's facebook page, or read her blog.

After all the photoshooting, we stopped at the supermarket to buy snacks lol

And postcards!!!

No request one don't have har.

This night mami cooked curry! Super nais~ Yum yum! ^^

Sneak peek: Something bad happened on the next day wtf
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