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ACT Day 6: 21/9/2012

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I have mixed feelings this day coz it was supposed to be our last day of internship but I wasn't at work so I couldn't countdown like other interns do.

Doesn't matter I haz written down my mainstream end-of-internship post.

Today is the day I've been waiting for! IMMA SEE THE KANGAROOS AND KOALA BEARS!!!!!

Ok la yesterday was the BIG day WE've been waiting for but the third to-do-list (first is shopping, second is to attend to erjie's convocation ceremony) is to see the kangaroos and koala bears!

Please bear with me coz this day haz tons of photos!!!

It was very very very windy this day.

We went to have breakfast first

Kolo Mee

Kampua Mee

After breakfast, it's time to head to the wildlife park!!!

Kinda drizzle a little when we're here.

Horrible red-tail black cockatoo that might bite :s

It was so active I didn't really dare to go near it. Now I understand why Sheldon is afraid of birds :s

Going for KANGAROOS!!!

First touch

My brother thought this was a rubbish bin when he first saw this pic LOLOLOL

A joey is drinking milk from the mother's pouch

"Hey, what'cha lookin' at?"

Surprised that the kangaroo will hold my hand to eat

It's said that when it expands its tail, the person who look at it will be paralyzed

A joey in the pouch showing only its leg, tail and ear

I wonder how the joey stays inside the pouch. The position must be uncomfortable, that it has to be folded and squeezed inside :s

Mami is popular among the kangaroos haha

Here comes the mainstream "meme":

Draw me like one of your french girls!

Coz jackie said his friends did the same thing when they came -.-

Kangaroos are so cute mami thought of adopting one lolol while I thought of keeping one as a pet but then the thought of cleaning up its poop stopped my other wild thoughts

So we proceeded to Molly's Farm while waiting for the Farm Show to begin

We're guessing it's a llama or 草泥马 (alpaca) and we kept saying 草泥马 草泥马 wtf turned out it was a llama.

Erjie was surprised with the size of the donkey's mouth when it's open

It looked so much bigger from the other side of view. Erjie was holding its food and the donkey must be hungry that's why it kept opening its mouth waiting for erjie to feed it.

And finally the show started!

Just showing their transportation - Horse
I wish I can try riding it

The host, introducing the Billy Tea

Erjie's beloved went to try spinning the pail of Billy Tea

The host said that the water will not drip if you spin it correctly. I'd say it's the centrifugal force.

Time to shear some sheep!

The host wasn't gentle enough he hurt the sheep :'( Erjie said the last time they came, it was an old man who performed and perhaps the old man has more experience in shearing a sheep so it was a clean shear. Poor sheep.

Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow...

Now the host show us how to crack a whip

"Any volunteer?"

The volunteer

Do you know what's the purpose of wearing the hat? It's not for safety. It's to make you look good in the photos! HAHAHA

Erjie said last time a girl succeeded and both of them asked me to go and as the typical cowardly Malaysian I am I didn't go :s BITE ME

Next is to feed the lamb

We noticed this cute little chinese girl... SO CUTE!!!!! Before they release the lamb it's as if the girl wanna drink the milk lololol

The lamb at the left is said to be around 5 months old

Time to milk the cow!

Erjie said the last time they came, everyone line up automatically. But this time more Asians and as typical Asians they are, they congested at the front wtf some even milk the cow several times -.-

So we went out right after we tried milking the cow. ONCE.

To take a picture with this goat lol

While waiting to enter the homestead, we went to check out the koalas since erjie's beloved said there's nothing much we can do coz they're sleeping most of the time and if we touched its food (the Eucalyptus leaves) they will not eat it anymore.

The only waking koala

When we're here, there're 2 chicks already taking pictures with the koala. NON-STOP. Wtf. One of them said "I'm sorry they're so cuuuuute!!!" And continue taking pictures with the koala.


We only managed to take a few while they're checking at their photos.

Stupid koala is not even facing the camera. It's busy looking for another comfortable position wtf.

Nice butt you have there.

And we left so that other people can take pictures as well.


What a bimbo. We went to the other side to take pictures with sleeping koalas #sourgrape

We can only touch their leg gently so we don't disturb them from their sleep

In the homestead!

Wombat. A big and fat one.

Baby joey~


"What does this human want?"

Staring contest with the owl lol

The last stop - Souvenir shop

You don't say

Can't get enough photos with the koalas so I made one koala doll to hug me wtf.

It was drizzling again when we're exiting the park. Because of the strong wind, drizzles became cats and dogs wtf.

When we reached the hostel, I just remembered we bought caramel milk when we went for grocery shopping the other day! So I drank it. Aaaaand I lao sai (diarrhea) wtf T_T Coz the milk was said to be fresh one ma then I kept for like few days already wor so. T_____T

Probably this is the karma for what I've done on the supposedly last day of my internship wtf.

As for dinner, we went to the restaurant where erjie used to work at

And my mami is so cute lo Perth is not even famous with casinoes she kept asking erjie to bring her there. And so we went.

The Crown

Haih one week trip ends so fast. I will miss you, Perth.
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