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ACT Day 7 & 8: 22 & 23/9/2012

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So it's almost the end of our trip :(

I will miss you, Perth.

We went to return the car in the morning, took a bus and went to the Fremantle's market.

This is where they rent the car


We're suppose to have breakfast here but they weren't open until 11am so we went to another shop instead.

Fun Fact: The Burger King we have is their Hungry Jack's!

Erjie said their ramen is nais oh

But it was full house so we had to wait awhile


Erjie made me a victim of sweet food lol


Finally haz a seat!

I forgot what we ordered dy lol

Erjie's beloved's one super big bowl

The "organic doughnuts"
Coz they used organic oil to deep fry it

So yeah, that's all for the Fremantle's market.

Next we're going to the harbour!

Dead turtle... o.O

It's super cold and windy!!!

Oh btw I saw the birds!!! Flying so hard oppose to the wind and be blown to the other side HAHAHAHAHA so funny.

It was 11am so we didn't have the chance to see the cannon fires.

Malacca also have a few!

After the beach, it's the museum!

Just some ship-and-sea stuffs.

Then erjie brought us to eat ice cream!!!!! As if it's not cold enough with the weather lol.

Feel like wanna eat this and this and this...

Mami was so sleepy she felt asleep while we're eating ice creams. Then we joked that what will mami do if we leave quietly lol. Mami said she can sing at the roadside to earn a few pennies lololol why mami so cute one ah hahaha.

So mami cooked bak kut teh for dinner!!! ^_^

And we had to pack our clothes dy coz we're going back the next day :(

We spent the whole morning packing our clothes. Then went to the airport at 2pm. 5-hour flight later, we're home.

And Malaysia is damn hot wtf.
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