Sunday, 2 September 2012

First September Weekends

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Spent my Friday on the job that is not within my field wtf. Thank god it's done now. Ahdi please check before you pass the job to me next time ok.

And then spent my entire Saturday clean up the wardrobe I can die wtf. Say me lazy if you wish. I just hate this kind of clean up. I'd rather sweep or mop the floor. Not that I did very often la ahaha. Anyway. The entire process is like this:
1. I take all my clothes out from the wardrobe
2. Mami checked the clothes one by one and asked each of us: "Do you still wear this?" If I'm the one being asked, she'll either say: "Fat people has no choice." and put the big-sized T-shirt on top of the pile of clothes I'm keeping, or looked at me and say: "Nope you can't." and proceed to keep the small-sized dress into the plastic bag to be given out. FML
3. Keep the pile of chosen clothes that I wanted into the wardrobe

Ya that's right. Just when I gave up and thought "Who cares if I'm fat? I'm still me" this kind of scenario happened wtf. Why weren't I born in the era when fat is beautiful!!!!! T_T

Nev'mind. Since there's no one I can hang out with (ahdi has to be her bf's minion pfft) I spent my whole Sunday playing O2Mania and SDO-X with sanjie wtf. 宅女一个。So sad la O2Jam is closed in Malaysia that we can only play O2Mania (offline version). And then we tried to invite people so we can team up and play other game mode but no one joined T___T

Anyone haz SDO-X account so we can haz more people to play with???
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