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Incitement @ MindValley 04/09/2012

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I love 4th of September too coz when you write it in the American date format (MM/dd/yyyy), it's my birthday in the European date format (dd/MM/yyyy)! :D

Sorry that I just updated it coz it was too much yesterday.

The MDeC officer came to the office at 11am in the morning for site visit. Fuyoh ahma and me started to plan what to wear on the day before again coz this time, the HR asked us to wear (more) FORMAL wtf. We didn't wear formal enough during the other days meh???

Suan. I forgot to take a picture of us also :p

Gift received - A notebook and a brochure

Turned out we can register ourselves in the UGRAD program and we'll definitely get to work for an IT company for internship!

But nev'mind la I'm already in one what even though I didn't register myself hohoho. They've got so many programs please check at their page.

And then when we walked out of the building after work, it's raining cats and dogs. My forgetfulness made it worse - I forgot to bring my umbrella.

CURSE YOU AHDI COZ YOU MADE ME GO TO A PLACE SO FAR even though I have to admit it's awesome BUT STILL CURSE YOU!

I was wet and my bag too and it lost its color wtf and it stained my shirt coz I hugged it in front of me wtf!!! CURSE YOU AGAIN AHDI.

Ok this time no screaming coz I was very grumpy wtf BUT I MISS HER IS REAL ONE. Omg when I met my #soulmate (coz #addiction is too mainstream (#okay.jpg only Aud used it wtf)) I wanna cry dy wtf. Although we met like weeks ago but I felt like didn't meet her for ages already T_T

They've got bean bags in the meeting room (Or so I thought wtf)! Their company is sibeh awesome I tell you!!!

Check out their pantry:

Awesome or not!!! Sorry the blur thing at the bottom left corner of the second picture is my finger hee I was paiseh to take another picture coz the staffs were walking around and taking food from their refrigerators wtf HOW ON EARTH CAN IT BE SO AWESOME

The Code of Awesomeness
with the fountain ball
requested by #soulmate

Another quote of awesomeness

OMG I feel like I wanted to work here coz it's so awesome but ahdi said applicants are required to submit a video of their self-intro so ahaha Imma pass it. :p

This event gathered a lot of the awesome people (bwahaha I am one too xD) and even YuJin became a committee member wtf. Guess who I bumped into?


This guy is one weird guy. Know why? He only contacted me when he forgot what time was the class, what to bring to class, and that's also when he couldn't find Cai Yi. Then recently he chatted with me in fb occasionally.

Nev'mind great people are weird haha.

My #soulmate!!!

Ok I was trying to make that "squeeze-her-gao-gao" face but apparently I was too fat to make that expression T_T

I met Veron also! This girl ha we waved like crazy women and yet she still didn't see us. Then I tried to call her but she forgot to bring her phone pulak wtf -.-

The topic they're presenting is "What If...". During the presentation, they have this "Flashslides", which they will ask a volunteer to present impromptu on the slides they prepared. I was like omgwtfbbq but then I changed my mind that if they asked me to present, Imma finish the slides and at the end of it I'll tell the staffs of the company I wanted to join so much to check my applications through the camera wtf (it's live stream yo!) coz there's no "what if" ma right :p but #okay.jpg they didn't ask me and I dare not to go wtf. YEA I CHICKENED OUT. BITE ME.

Following is about increasing our productivity by few folds and the way the speaker suggested was to have a very very very painful punishment, eg flush money down the toilet when the to-do task is not completed upon due date. Before he showed us the video, I thought "Ok he might bluff about it and probably will ask a plumber to get the money back from the sewer" wtf HELL NO!!! In his video, he literally TEAR the CASH (very cunning ha, use Malaysian Ringgit instead of the currency of his country) and flushed down the toilet. We all were like ERMAHGERD $250 wei!!! YuJin said after it's converted to Malaysian Ringgit, it's like RM800+!!!

Anyway I can't stay till the whole event is ended coz it's too late for us so I asked papa to fetch me at 9pm. But hor! Remember the rain I mentioned earlier? ALMOST WHOLE KL AND SERDANG FKING FLOOD AND CAUSE TRAFFIC JAM WTF. From 9pm papa used different routes to go home and it's still jam when I reached Serdang. My house was like thiiiiiiiiiis close (pinch my fingers as close as possible) yet I'm so faaaaaaaaar away (stretch arms as far as possible) because of traffic jam. And then when we looked at the end of the queue at the usual route we used to go home, IT'S CLEAR WTF. It's like having traffic jam in the whole world yet the usual route we used was CLEAR wtf. Damn shit.

And then this morning my phone cannot be used coz no applications can be opened coz memory is full wtf. Such a vicious cycle. Thank god got USB application I can delete some stuffs via that.

Ok la enough of the crap please visit #soulmate's entry for a more insightful story.

Btw it's raining again leh wtf PLEASE PRAY THAT KL AND SERDANG WON'T FLOOD AGAIN wtf

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