Friday, 7 September 2012

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I also don't know what title to put coz this seems like a junk post. I just feel like wanna write something here.

It was the other two trainees (Intan and Amalina(Not that Amalina my coursemate ok)) last day yesterday. Wtf time passed so fast 3 months gone just like that I don't even.

We (ahma and me) are two heartless coconut lo it's their last day already and we don't have anything for them. Yet it's them who gave us small presents. #shame

Mine is Cancer while ahma's is Leo.

Eh we did take a lot of photos but all are in Intan's camera so I'm waiting for her to upload. Hello Intan!!! Got my message or not? I'm waiting for your email yo!

And it's time for us to decide our career path already. I think my prayer is backfired lo wtf I prayed that I won't get the job offer from this one company but I got it. Quite a good offer somemore. Now I don't know if I will settle for anything lesser than what I'm offered, especially if the company I wanted to join so much contacts me but with lower salary. What to do, I'm a greedy bitch wtf.

Sometimes it's not our decision to make as it is totally different between Dreams and Reality and most of the time we need to bow down to the reality (lol see what I did here anot!!!).

Oh! Btw the position I'm offered is what software engineer leh hahaha whenever I give advises I can tell people "trust me, I'm an engineer" hahahahaha but I won't take the responsible if anything bad happens ok.

I'm suppose to hang out with #soulmate tomorrow lo coz the LOOP event is held in Paradigm Mall but no one knows how to go. Besides papa needs to work yo. At first it was supposed to be in Mid Valley but hor one fella said wanna go Paradigm Mall waaa and at the end he couldn't turn up wtf. #scumbagSteve.jpg

Anyway this LOOP is one group aim to help poor people please check them out on their facebook page and join their events.

Ok la I don't know what to write already so bye.
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