Sunday, 9 September 2012

Outing @ The Mines

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With 3 babes.

At first Ain told me Lin balik kampung so only two of them will come. #Soulmate said this is karma coz I ffk-ed her yesterday. HELLO I DIDN'T FFK ON PURPOSE ONE OK. No one knows how to go Paradigm Mall. Then she said Lin also didn't ffk me on purpose ma coz she has to balik kampung.


Karma is a bitch. Especially to good people like me wtf.

And then! Miracle occurs - Lin came back from her kampung and joined us!!!


And then they were late coz they couldn't locate my clothes anywhere (I left them in the campus at the end of the semester ahaha ^^" they're bringing'em back to me) ok this time I don't know what have I done wrong.

Then only I remembered my friend ajak-ed me to go to this event for girls 与【你】有约 today and I ffk-ed her to come to this outing instead.

Karma is such a bitch.

The 3 babes

The Amalina (Lin)!

And Ain!

I took one with Has, aaand it's gone -.- Sometimes my phone can be very cilaka. After we checked that the picture is taken, it can stop processing and save another scene instead. Like this one I took with Has, it wasn't saved inside the gallery; instead the picture became my finger coz I was holding my phone -__________- Soree Has!!! T^T

Now if you would excuse me, I would like to soak my feet in warm water coz I wore high heels and 'nuff said. Thankkiu.

* * *

Oh! I forgot about this. While waiting for the 3 babes to come, I found this place named "Coffee & Tea" I thought it would make a good place to have a discussion for LOOP coz you know, their events are with the title "Coffee, Tea and LOOP".

And by the time I went to check out what they have on their menu...

A boutique wtf.

Thanks for reading. Kthxbai.
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Ain said...

sorry lambat~~~~

Debbie the Teddie said...

takpe la lain kali ain belanja hekhekhek

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