Saturday, 29 September 2012

Outings with Jimuis!

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In case you thought I curi-curi stopped eating, this post is ALL ABOUT ME EATING.

Actually I ate also what in the previous post.


Wednesday (26th) afternoon, Jann asked me out for lunch. So I brought erjie along coz I don't want her to die starving at home alone lol. Kuan didn't follow coz she already had lunch WHYYYYY!!!

We had pan mee near 3K stadium.

And we experienced a life-and-death moment wtf.

Kuan said wanna haz steamboat. And we went to Bar-B-Q Plaza in The Mines to haz barbeque. Erjie didn't follow coz she scared die HAHAHAHAHA just kidding.

Mini mooncakes Kuan gave, from China ♥

# # # One Eternity of Life-and-Death Moment wtf # # #

And we finally reached The Mines safe and sound.

Their garlic rice is so nice I had second servings. But the staffs're not very attentive lo.

And another life-and-death moment PLEASE TREASURE THE MOMENT I'M HERE wtf.

At first I thought we're gonna sing k this night coz Yin is finally free to hang out!

BUT she failed us again.

Kuan was sick I also don't know why she so weak :(

Then papa and mami won't be around no one will be sending me so can't go anywhere also.

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