Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Premiere Screening - Skyfall 29/10/2012

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Today is kinda boring. I think I'm kinda sick coz I sneezed a lot. And haz sore throat. :( I wasn't even concentrate enough to have lunch. I knocked a lady when I was taking my vege and I splattered some of the vege on the floor wtf SORRY I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE PLEASE DON'T THROW ME TO AFRICA T.T

And after hard 9 hours of researching on my assignment it's finally the moment I've been waiting for!

Thankkiu Nuffnang for giving me a chance to watch this!

My answer to their question: If you are to lead a secret anti-crime organization in Malaysia, what would it do and what would its name be?

Since papa is a big fan of James Bond, I invited him to watch the premiere screening with me. Me good girl anot? ^_^

We went to The Kopitiam to have dinner. Last time I suggested to have dinner there with erjie but it was raining so we changed our mind. I suggested to eat Japanese cuisine, Chinese food, but papa either said he doesn't eat raw food or he said those food were expensive yet not fulling -.- He went to banks to do his business first, then I was like fine, keep walking la we might ended up in The Kopitiam tnb it really appeared in front of us wtf!

The Kopitiam

I kept telling papa there's a Kopitiam which I think the food is considered cheap compared to Japanese cuisines wtf and he kept asking me which kopitiam LOL. The kopitiam's name is Kopitiam la haiyo :p

Papa's chicken rendang and my curry noodle

The food wasn't really good but papa liked the boss's attitude. Although he'll never have dinner there anymore LOL coz the boss told us which food can be eaten which can't coz the food was prepared since the morning and wasn't fresh anymore wtf.

Papa was kinda excited coz it's his favourite James Bond movie so he kept asking me a lot of question when he was queueing with me like why the queue to claim tickets at Nuffnang counter is so long but other counters have no queues, why other people have derivative products other than the movie tickets and how come I don't have, bla bla bla...

But but but! When I went to claim my ticket (omg the guy is so cuuuute! >///<) the lady beside him said "oh congrats you're one of the winner!" I was like what? I won extra prizes also ah???

And then the guy was like err wanna take a picture anot ah (to the lady beside her la) but then I grabbed my prize and my tickets and ran away dy >///<

Premiere Screening ticket + Extra prize!!! ♥

Oh btw here's the comparison of popcorns from both cinemas
Left: Regular popcorn from TGV
Right: Regular popcorn from GSC

Sorry it dragged for so long coz I used to watch movies in JCS and they only have TGV in the mall ^^"

Papa said kinda disappointed coz not many Bond girls LOL ok no spoiler go watch go watch!

3 OPI nail polishes with a voucher for avocado pedicure finishing with lacquer from Colour Culture the OPI Nail Bar ♥♥♥

Yorr why not manicure leh :3

REAL O.P.I. leh! The most expensive nail polish I ever have in my life - FOC!!!

But the color doesn't seem to suit a young person like me AHAHA ^^"

It's actually not so light IRL... Probably because of the light...

OMG I'm so excited until I cough blood. OK sorry I exaggerated but my cough did worsen wtf.
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Saturday, 27 October 2012


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Like I said, I won movie passes from Nuffnang for the movie Frankenweenie (check at the end of this entry) but I was still in KK T_T so I couldn't go.

You see, I'm so addicted to watch movies in cinemas (probably also because I don't know how to download movies ahaha) so it's quite costly to buy tickets to watch in cinemas. After I missed the premiere screening of Frankenweenie and I wanted to watch it so much, I googled up contests for the same movie.


That simple! And I received the reply email that I'm eligible to collect my free ticket! WOOHOO! Too bad it's only available for one person and I can only redeem at TGV Sunway Pyramid.

Doesn't matter, haz movie! Brought erjie along ^_^

Oh my free ticket ^_^♥

And went to Baskin Robin to haz ice cream
Got our ice creams upsized to Regular with the price of Junior's!
Had Baskin Robin ice cream using my first paycheck wtf #sweetjesus.jpg
Left: Erjie's Vanilla and Chocolate Cookie Dough
Right: My Jamoca and Chocolate Chip ♥
"Indulgence is not a SIN!"
My god you're so damn right!!!
Complimentary small popcorn in TGV IMax!

Erjie said IMax in Times Square is 10bucks cheaper. What to do this is Sunway Pyramid leh. But IMax is really... Um... Someone fill the blank for me please...! It has huge screen and huge 3D glasses, TALK ABOUT 3D AWESOMENESS!!!

Mainstream Tim Burton movie lorh but there are touching moments. Go watch go watch!
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I'm a Socially Awkward Penguin

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I wonder, when we started a blog and we're all like "this is my blog and I shall post everything about me and my thoughts in it", do we really put in our real thoughts?

It's probably a yes for some people, but not for me.

Yea I'm shallow, I'm afraid that people didn't wanna befriend me and they will leave me after they read what I published.

I wrote bad about one or two people in my blog, but masked it with some fictional cartoon characters wtf I'm that coward thankkiu.

Last Sunday was our convocation. I didn't get to meet a lot of friends as I was busy looking for my lost papa before the ceremony started T_T and right after the ceremony ended, it was raining cats and dogs my parents just wanted to go back to the hotel ASAP.

I met a friend of mine, whom we used to be very close, but I just smiled and walked away. 2 years ago, because something happened between the friend and #soulmate, I wrote about that friend as if I'm trying to bring justice to #soulmate wtf and now I can't even talk to the friend like how we used to be.

I mean, can you see a person the same as before after that person wrote something bad about you in the blog? Well at least I can't see myself the same anymore :( Otherwise I would be talking with the friend like the good ol' times. Provided that the person didn't know that I wrote about him/her la wtf I did say I'm coward right.

But I'm still befriended with someone that wrote something bad about me long time ago wor. So it's actually a matter whether the person being written in the blog is still willing to talk to the person who wrote the former person in the latter one's blog right?

I stalked the friend's blog and realize we're staying very near during the convocation period and we've been to the same place but we just won't bump into each other. I told #soulmate and she asked me whether I meet the friend on our convocation day and I said I was very awkward I just smiled and walked away wtf.

Maybe it's just me who overthink. Like erjie said I'm very delusional. Someone please bring me to the psychologist thankkiu.
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Friday, 26 October 2012

Today iz Holiday ^_^

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After coming back from convo trip, I had to start working reluctantly. First day blue eh... ><

Then only I realized today is public holiday so I ajak-ed bff and #soulmate to hangout at The Mines coz I was kinda stress at work wtf. OMG can't believe we started to talk about work already rather than assignments T_T time flies that fast huh.

Since bff mentioned in her blog that her outing "must include movie/makan session" (eh I remember one ok!) so we went to check out the movie list at TGV. And we chose Sinister coz I won a ticket for Frankenweenie heee ^^

The scary part is like so little only. But bff and #soulmate were covering their eyes most of the time and #soulmate even took off her specs so she won't be scared!!! AWW THANKS TO BOTH OF THEM, THIS IS MY FIRST TIME WATCHING HORROR MOVIE IN CINEMA!!! ♥ MUAX MUAX MUAX!!!

YAY I finally can strike out "watch horror movie in cinema with friends" from my list!!!

And then I went to have hair treatment in the Derrick & Team hairdressing and spent the most expensive hair cut/treatment in my life (yet) but turned out it was ok :D

Since bff need to join her family, I brought #soulmate for a cheap Starbucks drink (LOL only 20% off la)

Showing my hair after treatment and fringe cut...
With the voucher LOL
Starbucks 20% discount voucher!
The barista always have my name wrongly spell one.
Doesn't matter, haz a smiley face =)
#soulmate trying to ruin her chocolate cream LOL

Sorry for such little photos and bff is not even in them coz I forgot I haz the camera in my bag until I finished my hair treatment session ^^"

Tomorrow I'll go to Sunway Pyramid with erjie to redeem my Frankenweenie ticket from the contest here (coz I passed the one I won from Nuffnang ^^")
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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Convo Trip Day 7

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Haiz going back dy leh. Our flight is in the evening so we still have plenty of time during the day but I'm really out of idea where else to go :(

Also need to breakfast de ma

Mami suggested to bring papa to Wisma Merdeka but papa is not lady yo he's not interested in shopping or whatsoever wtf. Ended up mami and I went to the shop beside to buy few pairs of shoes before going back to the hotel to check out.

And then! I looked for printing shop coz we need to print out the boarding pass coz our flight was AirAsia ma if counter check in need to pay extra 10bucks wtf. But then the printing shop also cheat one lo!!! Charged me 1buck per piece for printing wtf wtf then keep complaining my pendrive got virus wtf so annoying.

After checking out, we drove to Suria Sabah to show papa how Suria Sabah is like wtf. Eh how to entertain men and oldies ah??? It's not like they like to walk around or shopping or what wtf.

My pop egg milk tea and mami's green tea lemonade from Ochado

I asked the fella to come Gaya Street to pick the car and bring us to the airport (if possible la hehe) coz we don't know how to go to the airport terminal ma. But that fella keep asking us to go to the airport by ourselves coz he's at Tanjung Aru (near the airport) zzz Then he told us if we go to UMS NAO then his brother can send us to the airport. He told us to wait at the place where we picked the car lo (which, to us, is at the Dewan Anjung Siswa but to him, it's at the place where he dropped us which is his house wtf) then a girl gave us the wrong direction lo wtf when we met the fella's brother he's already late to school and couldn't send us to airport. Wtf such a disaster papa keep nagging me for having poor management T.T

I tell you!!! Cai Yi must be the best planner in the whole world I never heard her family complaining their trip also!!!

Anyhow we reached airport one or two hours earlier la so we had KFC as lunch and went to the waiting hall to watch drama 缺宅男女 LOL I saw a lady and a man standing beside to watch together too.

My laptop battery is finished haiz

It was raining heavily lo our flight was delayed :( We're supposed to board the plane at 6.30pm but we board at 7.15pm haiz then so many sockets in the airport, only a few are functioning!!!!!

Suan we're already on the plane before I had my laptop fully charged.

OMG this is like the worst flight ever. There were two toddlers in the plane, one sitting in front of us the other one sitting right behind us. Both of them keep crying and made noise and the one sitting behind keep knocking at our seats lo wtf. And then! As if the captain or whoever-it-is was trying to make things worse, they played Justin Bieber's Boyfriend wtf.

Haiz I had to forfeit my Frankenweenie premiere screening tickets coz I reached home at the midnight T.T

Goodbye study life and hello real working life.
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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Convo Trip Day 6

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We're suppose to wake up at 7am, have breakfast at 8am, and start looking for the road to the studio at 9am coz we bought their deal on Groupon and we found that it's super complicated from google map. But then we woke up one hour late so everything scheduled are postponed an hour later. When we were having our breakfast, #soulmate already start searching for the road to the studio.

My mami and papa ^^

#soulmate were lost so we immediately went to save her once we've finish our breakfast! *Hero songs on*

But hor!!! When we're about to reach a junction, we couldn't turn right coz we went to the wrong lane so I pointed to the right so if #soulmate can turn around she can turn first coz I saw the line from the opposite direction was quite jam BUT WTF THEY JUST LEFT WITHOUT US


Can I have one time, just once, that I won't get scolded from my parents when I tried to help my friend, or make people think I cared for friends when they don't even care for me ah? :'(

OMG I feel like I wanna die in the car right away. #soulmate was so ganjiong coz we were lost and she can only see road names on her google map and my parents kept scolding me for not giving clear directions and I almost shouted at papa for N times telling him #soulmate can't see buildings on her map wtf T_______________T

Then we reached after searching for 2 hours. 2.FREAKING.HOURS. I don't understand why they moved there, I mean it's not like I know where they were located previously la but they fking move into residential area! With no banner or posters or whatever shit that tells they're a fking studio!!!!!

Ok I shall not protect their name coz we were so unsatisfied with their service. It's called L'unico Wedding Gallery. I'm not sure if other people are satisfied with their service or not but this is our experience. After we bought the groupon voucher, I emailed them for enquiry coz both of us don't like to talk over the phone (mild telephonophobia) wtf. And guess what? The reply email was freaking ask me to call their business handphone to make appointment for the studio photoshooting. I was like, WTF? I emailed for enquiry only eh, not making an appointment eh dai lou! Then ok lo, one day I called up to make appointment with them. But after I hung up, #soulmate said she had somemore enquiries so she called up again. And she can't get through their phone EVER SINCE. Not even me. Eh if they can't handle so many requests then don't put up their deal on groupon la wtf people is expecting your service to be good leh coz you're trying to market your service right? Wtf.

Then the voucher mentioned that we can haz makeup before photoshooting ma. So I asked for the service lo. The makeup lady told me they will charge me RM1 for new sponge wtf HELLO ONE NEW SPONGE ALSO YOU CAN'T AFFORD KA??? IF YOU EXPECT TO MAKEUP FOR YOUR CUSTOMER THEN DON'T PUT SO MANY HIDDEN CHARGES LA CAN???

And then the photos they took weren't really pretty also wtf I can see my double chin wtf wtf you see my picture I ownself take la not many can see my double chin ma right or not??? (OK maybe not wtf) So they let us choose one complimentary 10R-sized photo, 2 4R-sized photo, and #soulmate can haz 2 photos saved in the CD while I can only haz one coz I freaking used their makeup service. Eh you'd think it's included in the deal lo!!!!! Wtf. If I knew I'd makeup ownself before going then I can haz one extra photo dy wtf. Save on the stupid extra charge on the sponge also.

Then! We thought we just have to pay for RM30 coz they need time to print the photos out ma but we won't be around to collect so they'll need to post to us so we thought OK la adding in postage fees 30bucks, we paid in total 45bucks jek ma still cheap. HELL NO! They have this 30bucks extra charge coz we haz "background change"!!! I suppose what they meant was we can only take normal photos without background setting (as in graduation studio background la) but since we're taking graduation photo so they charged us for the background wtf.

Sibeh sien. Luckily the fella in charge said he can give me a bit discount for the softcopies. Originally I need to pay RM3 for each softcopy but since I have 29pcs he let me pay RM1 for each.

*Grumpy grumpy*

Die die also I must put it online wtf.


More photos here and here.

I didn't even get to take a proper studio photo with #soulmate wtf so sad :(

Trying to make "unimpressed" meme but apparently I failed

After the studio photoshoot papa brought us to the photo shop to collect the photo I took my scroll coz erjie also wanna buy hers. I LOVE YOU PAPA MAMI!!!

Wa luckily we checked the map it comes in handy later at night.

Then we went back to the school to return my regalia and mortar board. Shun bian take some photos with papa and mami with different background hehe.

And took my real scroll after returning the stuffs!

The photos taken by the appointed company

After going out for so long we rested a bit before going out again. This time bringing papa to the port ngehehe.

Before that, papa passed by The Coffee Bean and found that they're having Buy 1 Free 1 promotion!!! So we went to have some drinks first ^^
Chicken pie and muffin
4 for the price of 2!
Aww my papa mami

Here're the photos taken at the port.

My papa also know how to pose ma hahahaha

I still don't know where is Yu Kee ahaha #soulmate wanted to bring her family to have dinner there too but since the restaurant is closed so we went to Sin Kee right opposite of our hotel to have dinner.

Then hor! #soulmate said wanna sing k waaa FUYOH ON LA OF COURSE!!!

But this fella lost at my area wtf. Luckily I went to Api-Api Centre right at the afternoon I know how to give direction.

Charged us 30bucks per person, comes with 2 drinks and a bowl of snacks each person, but not many songs to sing one :( I mean, no new songs lo -.-

Countdown for us waaaaa
Of course sing 劲歌金曲 to get few more minutes extra la xD

Haiz tomorrow going back le leh :( Then start working again leh :( OMG I'm officially a graduand and working adult dy OMG
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