Saturday, 6 October 2012

First Week of October!

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Seems like I've been visiting the hospital every Saturday after I came back from Australia wtf. The company I'm currently working for is a good company I PROMISE I WILL WORK HARDER OK PLEASE DON'T THINK I'M MAFAN AND PLEASE APPROVE MY LEAVE AS WELL THANKKIU T_T

One thing about consulting doctor is that, I don't like anyone to follow me into the consultation room. It's like I have nothing to hide in my phone, I just don't like people looking inside. Same concept, but different scenario.

Like I know mami is concerned about me and wanted to know what happened so she followed me into the consultation room, and sometimes it's good to have her around coz she'll help answering questions occurred when I was young and I didn't know/remember what happened.

But then today the doctor asked me who had continuous cough in my family, mami just answered "no" for me when she's the one who had continuous cough recently. When erjie asked her why, she just brushed it off like it's no big deal and said it's because we annoyed her.

Nev'mind la. The doctor gave me antibiotics to take for one week and I'll return and to do x-ray scan next week and if anything happened he'll run a series of tests on me also.

The doctor is amazed that I kept my old x-ray scan, which was taken 3 years ago before entering university. I don't know what to say also coz I didn't know it happened to be useful at this time I just simply put it at a random corner in my home ahaha.

And then when ahdi was freaking concern coz her friend just passed away recently due to the same reason (I'm sorry to hear that, I will do tests also please pray for me that I still have time with you all if I am destine to die at this young age wtf) and people around me tried to cheer me up (CY and erjie said it might be just some fat deposition wtf but thanks) this si Leong said he doesn't think it's fats.

Thankkiu for destroying my last hope wtf.

Today we were suppose to watch the movie The Bullet Vanishes coz sanjie won 6 movie passes (which she used 2 to watch with her friend already) wtf why I just can't win a single movie ticket and why my body has so many problems that I seemed to be healthy but at the same time, not really #fliptable.jpg and tomorrow is the last screening dy but then mami and papa and my bro didn't want to watch so we have 2 passes extra.

#FirstWorldProblem: Won too many passes that we couldn't finish it.

Goodnight cuppycakes.
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