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Like I said, I won movie passes from Nuffnang for the movie Frankenweenie (check at the end of this entry) but I was still in KK T_T so I couldn't go.

You see, I'm so addicted to watch movies in cinemas (probably also because I don't know how to download movies ahaha) so it's quite costly to buy tickets to watch in cinemas. After I missed the premiere screening of Frankenweenie and I wanted to watch it so much, I googled up contests for the same movie.


That simple! And I received the reply email that I'm eligible to collect my free ticket! WOOHOO! Too bad it's only available for one person and I can only redeem at TGV Sunway Pyramid.

Doesn't matter, haz movie! Brought erjie along ^_^

Oh my free ticket ^_^♥

And went to Baskin Robin to haz ice cream
Got our ice creams upsized to Regular with the price of Junior's!
Had Baskin Robin ice cream using my first paycheck wtf #sweetjesus.jpg
Left: Erjie's Vanilla and Chocolate Cookie Dough
Right: My Jamoca and Chocolate Chip ♥
"Indulgence is not a SIN!"
My god you're so damn right!!!
Complimentary small popcorn in TGV IMax!

Erjie said IMax in Times Square is 10bucks cheaper. What to do this is Sunway Pyramid leh. But IMax is really... Um... Someone fill the blank for me please...! It has huge screen and huge 3D glasses, TALK ABOUT 3D AWESOMENESS!!!

Mainstream Tim Burton movie lorh but there are touching moments. Go watch go watch!
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