Saturday, 27 October 2012

I'm a Socially Awkward Penguin

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I wonder, when we started a blog and we're all like "this is my blog and I shall post everything about me and my thoughts in it", do we really put in our real thoughts?

It's probably a yes for some people, but not for me.

Yea I'm shallow, I'm afraid that people didn't wanna befriend me and they will leave me after they read what I published.

I wrote bad about one or two people in my blog, but masked it with some fictional cartoon characters wtf I'm that coward thankkiu.

Last Sunday was our convocation. I didn't get to meet a lot of friends as I was busy looking for my lost papa before the ceremony started T_T and right after the ceremony ended, it was raining cats and dogs my parents just wanted to go back to the hotel ASAP.

I met a friend of mine, whom we used to be very close, but I just smiled and walked away. 2 years ago, because something happened between the friend and #soulmate, I wrote about that friend as if I'm trying to bring justice to #soulmate wtf and now I can't even talk to the friend like how we used to be.

I mean, can you see a person the same as before after that person wrote something bad about you in the blog? Well at least I can't see myself the same anymore :( Otherwise I would be talking with the friend like the good ol' times. Provided that the person didn't know that I wrote about him/her la wtf I did say I'm coward right.

But I'm still befriended with someone that wrote something bad about me long time ago wor. So it's actually a matter whether the person being written in the blog is still willing to talk to the person who wrote the former person in the latter one's blog right?

I stalked the friend's blog and realize we're staying very near during the convocation period and we've been to the same place but we just won't bump into each other. I told #soulmate and she asked me whether I meet the friend on our convocation day and I said I was very awkward I just smiled and walked away wtf.

Maybe it's just me who overthink. Like erjie said I'm very delusional. Someone please bring me to the psychologist thankkiu.
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