Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Convo Trip Day 2

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Today we're suppose to find out the way to school and the studio and #soulmate's place. Mami said I'm very kesian coz didn't get to take any pictures so she asked me to bring the clothes to change when we reach the school.


Getting ready to go out!

Breakfast: The dumpling and Sarawak mee

Actually I'm also not sure if this is the restaurant we went before ahaha coz it's right beside the Tourist Hotel and we had breakfast here before when I came 2 years ago hopefully my memory doesn't fail me la. ^^"

Some random shots mami took when I was driving

But my sense of direction failed me again. I somehow missed a junction so I thought ok nev'mind I can go #soulmate's place first BUT wtf man the road wasn't leading to Likas apartment either I'm heading to KKIA Terminal 1! So before I went further I U-turned and came back to the town center. Since we pass by Centre Point and Warisan Square, we decided to walk inside instead wtf.

Yup, that's how we ended up in a mall instead of going to school or the studio or #soulmate's place.

Today's lesson: Get someone who's familiar with the place to bring you around. Or copy down the map from Google instead of scanning it in your brain and thought you'll remember. IT'S THE BIGGEST LIE LIKE HOW YOU CHEAT YOURSELF TO NOT TAKE NOTE IN CLASS wtf.

Doesn't matter, haz shopping :p

Since I didn't know restaurants/cafe nearby to have lunch, we went to the top floor to check for any restaurants and we found one chicken rice shop. They sell shark fin's soup leh! So I treated mami a bowl hee. Not very expensive ma RM10 jek. :p

Bought one so I can haz manicure on my convo day bwahaha but don't know match with my dress anot :s

I met Madam Alisa when I was driving out from Warisan Square's carpark leh! Turned out they had rehearsal today ahaha sorry I didn't attend ^^" And I met a few SPKAL friends! They came with friends leh WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS HAH!!! T.T

Now time to show what I bought!

RM25 each! Bwahaha
This one RM15.90 only! But I still need to slim down a bit to look nicer in this dress la. This is the only pose that I won't look fat T.T

So tired we had a nap till dinner. Instead of going to the restaurant beside to have Bak Kut Teh (wanna save it with papa hehe) we went to hunt for food and btw ahdi, it's not Yu Yee it's San Kei please give me some time to check out where's Yu Yee thankkiu.

On the way to hunt food, I met few more SPKAL friends. Why I didn't meet any SSIL friends laaaaa. Or actually I don't have friends except BFF and #soulmate. #foreveralone.jpg

Found the night market!

Bought a small little bag for mami coz she said sometimes very mafan to bring a handbag when we wanna have dinner and she's super happy aww.

Dinner time!
Ahh the good ol'days...
Let's see what's on the menu...

While I camwhore :p

Sorry I've decided to lose my reputation a bit wtf xD

After we finished our dinner we walked around the convenient store.
Found this and we're gonna put this up in the car so other drivers will be aware of me ahaha ^^"

I'm glad we survived another day.
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